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  • Mounting Paper Assorted Colours

    page316• Size: A2, 480mm x 645mm• Brightly coloured 80gsm mounting paper• Pack of 100

  • Mounting Papers

    page316These handy pads of paper enable A4 work to be mounted with minimum effort. Draw directly on the paper or mount work to fit into the frames.• Assorted colours: 25 sheets each of flame red, canary yellow, emerald green and rich blue• Size: 350mm x 250mm (to fit A4 work)• Pack of…

  • Cool and Warm Colour Stockroom Assortment - Extra Wide

    page305• Cool Colour Pack: 3 rolls each of royal blue, Nile green, apple green, emerald, lime, white, sky blue and azure blue• Warm Colour Pack: 3 rolls each of black, deep purple, violet, flame red, orange, sunset gold, deep purple, sunshine yellow and canary yellow• Size: 1218mm(w)…

  • The Consortium Bright Frieze Paper

    page326Similar to sugar paper, these bright coloured frieze rolls are ideal for use as mounting paper.• 100% recycled• 80gsm • Assorted colours: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, black• Size: 508mm(w) x 10m(l)• Pack of 6 rolls• Colours may vary

  • School Mounting Pack

    page316Mount pieces of A4 artwork onto these bright coloured sheets. You can also double mount onto the black sheets.Pack contains:• 30 x black sheets - 250mm x 337mm • 30 x sheets in 10 Assorted colours - 230mm x 317mm

  • Mounting Paper

    page316Ideal for display as this does not fade as rapidly as sugar paper.• 80gsm• Standard A4 size plus surrounding border • Pack of 100 sheets

  • Creative Paper Pack

    page323• A4-plus size paper and card• 10 sheets each of 10 assorted colours and designs• Suitable for mounting, modelling, origami, montage and mobiles• Contents may differ from those shown• Pack of 100

  • Kaleidocraft Backing Paper Packs

    …containing assorted poster paper rolls as well as border rolls.• Popular assorted colours, bright colours or subtle colours • 85gsm• Size border rolls: 38mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Size poster paper rolls: 750mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 20 poster paper rolls and 12 border rolls

  • Fadeless® Metallic Rolls

    page308Brightly coloured rolls of metallic paper for backgrounds, displays or banners.• Size: 610mm(w) x 2.4m(l) roll• Sold singly

  • Fadeless® Storage Rolls Assortment

    page305A pack of assorted Fadeless® storage rolls. Each roll comes in its own sturdy box which prevents damage in storage. The paper can be dispensed without removing it from the box. • Colours: 1 each of canary, flame, bright blue, emerald, black and rich blue• Size: 609mm(w) x…

  • Power Pritt Glue Sticks

    page348The extra-strong formula, bonds not only paper and cardboard but can be also used for photos, fabrics, felt, some plastics, wood and pasta. Ideal for mounting, collage and artworks and safe for children to use.• Solvent-free, PVC-free and odourless• Washable at 20°C• 12 x…

  • Frames and Mounts

    page318• 40 frames and 40 mounts in 10 bright colours• Average size of frames: 210mm x 250mm

  • 3M Craft Mount Adhesive

    page356Permanent adhesive for use on polystyrene, felt, cork, fabric, wood, paper, card and plastic films.• 400ml can• COSHH: IRRITANT AND FLAMMABLE

  • Wall Mounted Drying Rack

    page423These drying racks have been specially designed for mounting onto solid walls and come with racks that fold up to save space. Suitable to A3 size paper.• 10 shelf - 505mm(w) x 411mm(d) x 361mm(h)• 15 shelf - 505mm(w) x 411mm(d) x 460mm(h)• 20 shelf - 505mm(w) x 411mm(d) x…

  • Spring Loaded Wall Mounted Drying Rack

    page423Put your artwork out of harms way with this 10-shelf wall mounted dryer. The wipe-clean plastic coated shelves are large enough to take A2 paper and the spring loading keeps them in the vertical position when not in use and for loading the lower shelves.• Supplied complete with a pack of…

  • Super Stage Paper, Chromagreen

    A heavyweight 180gsm super size backdrop paper which is a perfect solution for large scale art projects, production backgrounds, or as a backdrop for school photographs. All rolls are wound onto a 50mm cardboard core, and are delivered in a sturdy box. • 1.35m x 11m Roll

  • Metallic Fadeless® Paper Assortment

    page308Add some glitz to displays with this sparkling, bright coloured paper.• Assorted colours: 4 each of silver, gold, red, magenta, green and blue• Sheet size: 305mm x 457mm• Pack of 24 sheets

  • Fadeless® Safari Print Paper

    page323Give a real edge to your ecology and habitat displays and collage work. The 6 safari animal prints have been replicated on Fadeless® paper, while the unique embossed patterns and realistic looking designs give a life-like look and feel.• Size: 229mm x 304mm• Pack of 24, 4 of…

  • Pastel Poster Paper Assortment

    page308• Assorted colours: 3 each of cream and pastel blue, 2 each of pastel green pastel pink• Size: 760mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 10 rolls

  • Neutral Tones Display Papers

    page307These display rolls are ideal for nature and natural displays, or to create a calm space. • 4 neutral colours - 2 of each• 80gsm• Size: 1020mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 8 rolls

  • Value Assorted Paper Rolls

    page335Bumper roll assortment with a variety of metallic, corrugated and cellophane papers.• Contains: 7 x assorted colour cellophane, 6 x assorted metallic corrugated board, 6 x assorted colour metallic paper, 6 x robust assorted colour double sided metallic foil, 6 x assorted colour self…