• Sand Castle Maker Set

    page748The sand castle maker set includes everything you need to help build a fantastic sand castle with round towers, square corners, turrets, portcullis, castle walls and moats. Age: 3 years+.Set includes: • Buckets, spades and sand moulds• Set of 16 pieces

  • Dettol® Mould & Mildew Remover

    page1563A spray cleaner that contains an anti-microbial agent that removes stains caused by ingrained mould.• Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses• Contains active bleach • For use on window frames and walls, refrigerator door seals, concrete patios, plastic shower curtains, shower…

  • Latex Moulds

    Latex moulds for creating your own animals.• Pack of 5

  • Fully Moulded Bench

    page1386• Size: 1800mm(w) x 360mm(d) x 800mm(h)• Available with black or brown seat• Seat height: 475mm

  • Moulded Backless Bench

    page1386• Size: 1800mm(w) x 360mm(d) x 460mm(h)• Available in black or brown• Seat height: 460mm

  • Alphabet Sand Moulds

    page747Sturdy, fun, plastic letters are great for encouraging tactile learning and reinforcing fine motor skills.• Available in uppercase or lowercase• Set of 26• Size: 75mm(h) x 15mm(d)

  • Foamball Moulded Lightweight 20cm Gr

    These moulded lightweight foam balls offer a soft surface for throwing and catching.• Available in 2 diameters: 70mm and 200mm• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Available singly and as a pack of 12

  • Numbers and Shape Sand Moulds

    page747Made of durable plastic shapes, numbers and operations encourage early learning during sand play. Colourful moulds use texture and shape to introduce and reinforce areas of mathematics such as counting, solving simple problems and comparing shapes. Perfect to use with sand and water tables.…

  • Foamball Moulded Lightweight 20cm Gr

    page1118 page1126These lightweight foam balls are ideal for developing throwing and catching skills.• Size: 200mm(dia)• Sold singly or as assorted packs of 4 and 12

  • Bricklayer Set

    page617 page744Perfect for building walls and small castles. Age: 18 months+.• Made from polypropylene plastic• Contains: 1 brick mould and 1 trowel• Size: brick mould approx 130mm(w) x 130mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Set of 2

  • The Consortium Spray Bactericide Cleaner

    page1557A high quality bactericidal cleaner. Provides effective cleaning and sanitising in one operation. • Conforms to BS EN 1276• Effective against mould and fungi

  • Victorian Kitchen

    Bring history to life with this fantastic, authentic Victorian kitchen.Contains:• Handled wicker basket• Pudding basin• Mixing bowl• Beaded food cover• Butter 'hands'• Egg timer• Butter muslin• Rolling pin• Copper jelly mould and jelly bag• Iron

  • Slazenger Match Cricket Balls

    page1137• Quality match ball• Moulded cork centre• Supplied singly

  • Slazenger Crown Practice Cricket Balls

    • Good quality school/practice ball• Moulded cork centre• Supplied singly

  • Foam Balls

    Moulded Yellow foam with a smooth finish• Supplied singly

  • Clear Buckets

    page596 page750 page762 page777Clear buckets with carry handles for mould making and water play. Being clear, sand and water can easily be seen to show proportion and volume.• Size: 175mm(dia) x 160mm(h)• Pack of 8

  • Outdoor Play House

    page634This sturdy outdoor playhouse is made from pinewood and is treated with eco-friendly and child safe NEXGEN, formulated to protect wood from fire, mould and insects. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 1165mm(l) x 450mm(w) x 968mm(h)

  • Mouldable Candle Wax Pack

    …This fantastic pack is a fun and easy way to create wonderful candle designs, ideal for use in group activity sessions• Simply cut, shape and mould the wax in your hand• Each pack contains: 6 x 150g trays of wax in Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green and Purple and 5 metres of wick

  • Dough Workshop Set

    …set helps children perform a variety of tasks with dough. It promotes co-ordination, imaginative use and combination of shapes and colours.Set includes:• 8 dough machines• 58 mould shapes• 8 slides• 4 carving spoons• 30 pots of dough (6 colours)• 8 cutting wheels

  • Tarpaulin

    Tear proof laminated tarpaulins, water proof and treated with a UV filter to prolong life and durability. Mould and mildew proofed. Rust resistant metal grommets at 1m intervals. Suitable for gardens and a host of other uses.• Size: 1800mm x 2400mm• Pack of 5

  • The Consortium Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

    page1520• Will take rolls with 56mm or 76mm cores• Lockable• Made from moulded plastic