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  • SYR® Interchange Non-Woven Mop Heads

    • For use with SYR Freedom Interchange Aluminium Handles• Highly absorbent non-woven spun lace mops• Great alternative to cotton mops• Size: 320mm• Available in 2 colours • Sold singly

  • Vileda® Supermops

    The non-woven material is sealed with an anti-bacterial binding agent that prevents germs from multiplying. The long stranded head will not unravel/shred fibres. Suitable for use with Vileda Supermop handles (item code: 001026)• Size: 300mm• Available in 4 colours• Sold singly

  • Mop Head Kentucky Standard 16oz

    For effective cleaning of larger floor areas.• 16oz PY yarn • Requires a holder to affix the mop head to the handle (sold separately - item code: 040845)• Not intended for machine washing• For use with wooden handles (sold separately - item codes: 041800 and 041805)

  • Addis Microfibre Replacement Head

    …and polishes surfaces with streak free finish• Traps dirt and grime and dries floors faster than traditional strand mopping meaning a faster clean every time• Head can be washed by hand• Do not use bleach or wash with fabric conditioner as this will reduce the cleaning properties…

  • Washable Hygiemix Socket Mop Gr

    …blend of cotton and synthetic yarn which has been designed to absorb better and release more liquid. Looped ends with stay flat band minimises shedding of the mop head.• Longer life• Machine washable• Circular 420mm diameter• 300gm• Available in 4 colours • Sold singly

  • SYR® Interchange Freedom Mini Mop Heads

    Looped polyester mop with coloured yarn and stay flat band to prevent cross contamination.• For use with SYR Freedom Interchange Aluminium Handles• Suitable for use with sieve/wringer-type mop buckets• Fully launderable and autoclavable to 134°C• Size: 350mm• Available…

  • SYR® Heavy-Duty Freedom Interchange Aluminium Handles

    Handles for use in conjunction with all SYR Freedom Interchange mop heads, brooms, squeegees, etc. Ideal for use in schools, hospitals and nursing/residential homes, as they help reduce the risk of cross contamination. • Aluminium • Size: 1350mm(l)• Available in 5 colours• Sold singly

  • Heads For V Sweeper 40" Pair

    …to clean, i.e. hall/dining room, prior to wet mopping. The 'V' helps collect dirt and retains it in the middle, so nothing is left behind. Supplied in 2 parts.• Frame: complete metal unit with handles and 'V' sweep connected• Head: pair of 1000mm covers that can be removed for cleaning

  • Flat Mop Heads Syr Yellow

    Good quality, washable Syntex flat mop heads for use with flat mop buckets; items: 820210, 045092, 045093 and Interchange aluminium handles, items: 040885, 040884, 040886, 040849, 015566.• 4 colours for coding• Size: 450mm/18"

  • Sweeper Head 24" Red

    …dust/dirt prior to wet mopping. The sweeping motion makes it easier for cleaning around obstacles.• Frame is made of metal to fit the red sweeper heads that are removable for washing• Use with Interchange handles• 610mm frame and head• The head is not included and needs…

  • Flat Mop

    The 360 degree swivel action allows you to reach underneath and around furniture so no area goes uncleaned.• Ideal for laminate and hardwood floors• Dust and dirt stick to the microfibre head• Can be used dry or damp

  • Addis Flat Mop Offer

    Buy the Addis Flat Mop and replacement head together and save over 10%.The 360 degree swivel action allows you to reach underneath and around furniture so no area goes uncleaned!• Ideal for laminate and hardwood floors• Dust and dirt stick to the micro fibre head• Can be used dry or…

  • Flat Mopping Frame Syr

    For use with the SYR Interchange flat mopping mop heads and SYR heavy-duty freedom interchange aluminium handles.• Size: 450mm/18"

  • Toilet Brush & Open Front Holder

    • Domed head type• Size: 355mm(l) toilet brush and holder • Sold singly

  • Deluxe Soft Bristle Broom

    • Flagged bristles allows light dust and debris to be swept with ease• Soft touch bumpers around the broom head which helps prevent damage to paintwork and furniture• Black/chrome• Sold singly

  • Heavy-Duty Yard Broom

    …hard wearing, all weather, dual purpose broom offers both a soft and stiff PVC bristle. Predominantly used outdoors but can also be used indoors. The broom is supplied with the handle clipped to the broom head and is produced from the highest quality steel.• 24" brush• 5ft handle included

  • Stiff Red PVC Broom

    A durable broom suitable for vigorous sweeping. The handle is supplied clipped to the broom head. • 24" brush• 4ft x 11/8" handle included

  • Soft Coco Brooms

    Suitable for light sweeping. The handle is quick and simple to fit and replace due to the support bracket. Supplied with handle clipped to the broom head.

  • Soft Coco Broom

    Suitable for large open spaces and supplied with the handle clipped to the broom head.• 18" brush• 4ft x 1 1/8" handle included