Mod Roc

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  • Mod Roc

    • Plaster impregnated gauze containing a special resin making it more chip-proof whilst maintaining ease of use, speed of setting and capacity for fine detail. • Immerse in tepid water for 3 seconds, squeeze gently, and 'bandage' onto a wire or wood armature. The surface may be smoothed…

  • Mod Roc Dispenser Pack

    This dispenser system allows quick, easy and cleaner distribution of Mod Roc making classroom use far more convenient.• Size: 150mm(w) x 80m• Coverage: Over 12 sqm

  • Mod Roc Mini Pack

    • 4 rolls of Mod Roc• Size: 150mm(w) x 2.75m

  • Modelling Mesh

    This unique aluminium wire mesh is perfect for use with all kinds of modelling materials, especially Mod Roc. The wire is easy to cut, shape, stretch and contour and rigid enough to retain its shape.• Size: 500mm x 3m roll