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  • Mitre® Primero Footballs

    page1139The Primero is a hugely popular training ball, ideal for schools and clubs. It is a soft touch ball combined with a durable build making it perfect for use anywhere. Its special reinforced bladder guarantees lifelong shape and size retention.• 32-panel design• Colours: white or…

  • Mitre® Impel Training Footballs

    page1139• Excellent all weather soft touch training ball• Suitable for both grass and modern Astroturf surfaces• Supplied singly

  • Mitre® Vandis Footballs

    A durable, 32-panel match ball with a hand-stitched PU solid outer and high air retention bladder ensuring it keeps its shape for longer.• Approved to International Matchball Standard• 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Eccita Football

    A lively match ball that's great for frequent use with its double-coated surface to resist scratching and damage. Ideal for use on both wet and dry grass as well as astro pitches.• 12-panel design• Colour: white• Available in size 5 only• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Malmo+ Training Footballs

    An affordable 18 panel training ball that performs brilliantly on grass or astro made from high density PVC to withstand regular use, in all weather. The updated Malmo+ features a thicker panel than the original softer Malmo and is a great durable alternative with its PVC material. An excellent all…

  • Mitre® Ultimatch Match Footballs

    page1139Mitre's most popular match ball, re-engineered with hyperseam for excellent durability, low maintenance and improved air retention. The ball has a 12 panel construction with textured surface for optimum aerodynamic control, the ultimatch is foam backed to make it feel softer on the…

  • Mitre® Tactic Training Footballs

    The legendary Tactic is a durable training ball resistant to all abrasive surfaces. An improved, tough, more flexible synthetic rubber construction delivers superb shape retention and feel. The Tactic is a great all-surface, all-weather and all-age training ball.• 18-panel design• Colour:…

  • Mitre® Monde Match Footballs

    • Suitable for all levels of football• FIFA Inspected• 18 panel design• Supplied singly

  • Mitre® Astro Division Footballs

    A specialist, 32-panel match ball designed specifically for artificial surfaces. It has an embossed outer coating to make it a durable, season-long performer.• 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Cyclone Indoor Footballs

    A moulded, felt indoor training and matchball with high visibility felt outer. It is designed to give 50% rebound performance.• 18-panel design• Colour: yellow• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Delta Match Football

    A match standard replica of Mitre's top of the range Delta Hyperseam Football League ball, featuring Mitre's innovative Hyperseam technology, developed to deliver optimum in-play consistency.A great entry level school or team match ball.• 12 panel design • Available in sizes 4 and 5• Colours: white…

  • Mitre Ultimatch Fluo Football

    The Fluo version of the fantastic Ultimatch ball is perfectly suited to poor light or visibility conditions and can be used on either grass or Astroturf. • 18 panel design• Available in sizes 4 and 5

  • Mitre Ultimatch 18-Panel Football

    • The most popular academy matchball earning its reputation due to excellent feel and reliability • Suitable for use on both grass and Astroturf• Supplied singly

  • Mitre Astro Division Football

    A specialist astro match and training ball with tough woven back grain PU outer for excellent durability and control, a high air retention bladder makes it low maintenance. This is an excellent value option for all astroturf surfaces.• Available in size 4 only

  • Mitre Calcio Training Football

    The Calcio is a top of the range training ball, A redesigned version of Mitre's most popular training ball, it now features Mitre's innovative hyperseam technology.Developed to deliver optimum in-play consistency with a reinforced bladder for low maintenance and improved air retention and greater…

  • Mitre Cyclone 5-A-Side Football

    • Quality, cloth covered, indoor 5‑a‑side football• Designed to give 50% rebound performance• Supplied singly

  • Mitre® V7 Indoor Football

    A specially developed indoor football, produced using innovative foam-backed soft feel PU and a reinforced wound core for reduced rebound.• 32-panel design • Colour: yellow• Available in sizes 4 and 5 • Sold singly

  • Mitre® Super Dimple Training Footballs

    The Super dimple ball is a reliable, low impact, dimple moulded rubber training ball suitable for all playing surfaces. It is fitted with a low maintenance, high retention bladder. For use in all weather conditions both indoors and outdoors. • 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available…

  • Mitre® JNR Lite 290 Football

    A new lightweight ball for younger players, designed to meet the new organising body rules. It is 20% lighter than standard specification balls to inspire confidence among juniors with its forgiving, soft-touch, foam-backed PU outer.• 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available in size…

  • S3 Malmo Yell Footballs/bag

    …quality ball with a high density PVC coating and extra strong backing. Suitable for use on natural and artificial turf. An excellent all round training ball for schools and clubs.Please see updated price due to 2017 catalogue error. Contains:• 12 Mitre Malmo footballs• 1 Free Mitre ball sack

  • Mitre Hyperseam Ball Deal

    Mitre's innovative Hyperseam technology which has been developed to deliver optimum in-play consistency with a reinforced bladder for low maintenance, improved air retention and greater durability. Contains:• 10 x Mitre Calcio training footballs• 2 x Mitre Delta match footballs• 1 x Free Mitre ball…