Metal Ruler

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  • Metal Safety Ruler

    • Length: 30cm• Marked mm, cm and inches• Centre recess to protect fingers for cutting work• Non-slip rubber strip for precision work• Supplied singly

  • Lyra Metallic Ferby Colouring Pencils

    Triangular brilliant metallic colour pencils with break resistant and extra thick leads.• Long wearing• High concentration of pigments• Non-soluble• Size: 175mm(l)• Pack of 12

  • Stabilo Point 88 Fineline Pens

    • Ideal for working with rulers and stencils• Metal encased plastic tip• 0.4mm line width• Available in packs of 10 or 20 assorted colours or pack of 10 Black

  • Compendium Set

    …geometry needs are taken care of with this superb classroom resource from Helix.• Contains 30 of each: angle measure, shatter resistant ruler, metal safety point compass, pencil, 60° set square, and 45° set square all housed in a sturdy Gratnells school tray complete with insert and…

  • Cambridge Maths Set

    …and school pupils studying a range of subjects including Maths, Geometry, and Trigonometry which come neatly stored in a stylish metal tin.• Contains: 15cm ruler, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, dividers, self-centring compass with safety point, half size compass pencil,…

  • Matrix Maths Set

    Helix Maths Set featuring a stylish oval case with pearlescent indigo blue base.• Contains: self-centring geared head metal compass with safety point, 30cm folding ruler, eraser, one-hole plastic sharpener featuring anti-tamper screw, 2 set squares, protractor, 17.5cm and half size compass…

  • Rapesco® 74 Pencil Sharpener

    Desktop sharpener with metal casing for extra strength.• Fits all 6mm pencils • Fitted shavings tray• 10 year guarantee• Sold singly

  • Staedtler Noris Pencil Sharpener

    A single hole pencil sharpener with a distinctive barrel to catch shavings. • For standard sized pencils• Metal sharpener insert• Hinged cover prevents contents spilling• Safety lock to prevent accidental opening• Sold singly

  • Swash Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

    A robust metal bodied sharpener perfectly suited for constant use in both schools and offices.• Suitable for pencils with a 7-12mm diameter including triangular• Self-feeding with auto-stop• Pencil point adjuster for optimum accuracy• Large capacity waste container• Complete with desk clamp• Sold…

  • Magnetism Science Kit

    …strippers• Iron filings• Metal discs• Drawing pins• Fasteners• String• Giant horseshoe magnet• Small horseshoe magnets• Mini horseshoe magnets• Bar magnets• Ferrite magnets• Magnetic marbles• Rulers• Tongs• Nails and needles•…