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  • Berol Colour Markers

    page358These markers are ideal for lettering, diagrams, broad colouring and drawing and will still work for at least 14 days if the cap is removed. The tip can be reversed to give the markers a longer life. • Washable ink• Assorted colours

  • Berol® Fine Nib Permanent Markers

    page93A permanent marker, containing autoseal ink to stop the marker drying out. Not to be used on whiteboards.• 1.2mm line width• Black• Box of 12

  • eQuality Triangular Barrel Whiteboard Markers - Black

    page71 page94Premium quality bullet tip whiteboard marker.• Triangular shape, easy to grip whiteboard marker• Medium 2mm bullet tip• Black• Available in packs of 10, 50 and 100

  • edding 360 Board Marker - Bullet Tip

    page102Drywipe marker with a bullet tip. Low-odour pigment ink. Can be used on virtually all non-porous surfaces.• Refillable colours black, blue, red and green• Bullet tip - large cap diameter - no ventilation necessary• Available in pack of 10 and 50 in black or assorted…

  • eQuality Drywipe Whiteboard Markers

    page94 page96Premium quality bullet tip wide barrel whiteboard markers.• High ink content for longer write out length• 2mm bullet tip• Wider barrel shape• Available in black, blue and assorted coloured packs in a variety of pack sizes

  • Giotto Turbo Maxi Colouring Pens

    page362• Water based colouring pens• Child proof stopper• Tight fitting 5mm nib• Assorted colours

  • eQuality Highlighter Markers

    • Great value high quality highlighter markers • High ink content for long lasting highlighting• Chisel tip for fine and broad line widths

  • Berol Drywipe Markers Bullet Tip

    page96Chunky bullet tip drywipe marker for use on most dry wipe boards.• Line width 2mm• Ventilated cap• Available in black in packs of 12 and 48 or assorted packs of 8, 48 and 96• Assorted pack of 8: black, blue, red, green, purple, lime, pink and orange• Assorted pack of 48: 8 black, 5 each of…

  • eQuality Permanent Markers

    page93Premium quality triangular barrel permanent marker.• Triangular shaped barrel for easy grip• Black bullet tip with non-toxic ink• Not to be used on whiteboards• Pack of 10

  • BIC® Velleda Drywipe Marker

    Low odour bullet and chisel tip markers with blocked tip to prevent bending or retraction under pressure.• Acrylic bullet tip, line width 1.5mm• Acrylic chisel tip, line width 3.7mm-5.5mm• Available in bullet tip and chisel tip pack of 4 assorted colours• Available in black pack…

  • Berol Flipchart Markers

    …colours which will not bleed through paper and is suitable for most flipcharts• Cap off life 2 weeks• Reversible nib to extend life of marker• Washable ink• Chisel tip, line width: 2mm-5mm• Pack of 8 assorted colours: 1 of each of Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange,…

  • Berol Colourfine Pens

    page358Long lasting fibre tip pens, particularly suitable for detailed colouring work. Will still work for at least 14 days if the cap is removed.• Washable ink• Line width: 0.6mm

  • The Consortium Washable Whiteboard Markers

    page99High quality, washable, whiteboard marker pens which give excellent results on most boards. Ideal for classroom or office use.• Washable from skin and most washable fabrics and carpets• Erasable from a whiteboard with a damp cloth• 2mm bullet tip• Available in black or…

  • Glitter Markers

    page360These glitter markers have a valve action which enables the glitter to run freely in the ink, creating fantastic glittery results. Ideal for crafts and card making. • Pack of 6

  • Pentouch Metallic Pens

    The rich ink of the Pentouch pens ensures great results. The permanent ink is resistant to water, light and chemicals. • Available in gold, silver and copper• Available in Fine - 1.0mm nib and Medium - 2.0mm nib

  • The Consortium Twin Ended Drywipe Markers

    page99Super quality and great value twin ended bullet tip drywipe marker pens for use on drywipe whiteboard surfaces. Great for adding a different colour to add emphasis whilst using the whiteboard.• Bullet tip 2mm• Assorted colours: 1 each of black-blue, black-red, black-green• Pack…

  • Multi-markers Pk40

    Very popular, heavy-duty cones that are ideal for marking out a court or a training exercise.• Colours: red, blue, yellow and white• Complete with carrying rod• Pack of 40

  • Floor Markers

    • For indoor and outdoor use• Hand and feet sets include 10 each of red and blue• Compendium set includes hands, feet, 20 x straight lines, 10 x curved lines and 4 x corners• Pack of 10

  • Posca Poster Markers

    page364These marker pens can be used on any surface including cork, polystyrene, balloons, plastic, lollipop sticks, pebbles, plastic yogurt cartons and papier mache. Water based, non-toxic and odourless pigment ink. • Colours fine markers: red, orange, white, purple, light blue and green•…

  • The Consortium Flipchart Markers

    page93Bullet tip flipchart marker containing water-based ink which will not bleed through to the next sheet.• Polyester tip• Available in pack of 4 assorted colours and pack of 10 black• Pack of 4 assorted colours: black, blue, red and green

  • eQuality Drywipe Whiteboard Markers

    Premium quality bullet tip wide barrel whiteboard markers.• High ink content for longer write out length• 2mm bullet tip• Wider barrel shape• Available in assorted coloured pack of 4