Magnetic Letters

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  • Magnetic Letters Set 1

    • Foam magnetic tiles in 5 colour groupings: Red for vowels, Yellow for consonants, Apricot for consonants that make 2 sounds, Green for 'h' digraphs and Brown for digraph endings• All tiles are lower case• Age: 3 years+• Pack of 73

  • Magnetic Letters

    High quality tubs containing plastic letters in assorted colours. The tubs have a handle for easy carrying. Age: 3 years+.• Letter size approximately 35mm• Pack of 286 pieces

  • Magnetic Letters Upper Case Pack 288

    …superb 610 piece pack consists of:• 10 x A4 magnetic drywipe boards• 1 x A3 magnetic drywipe board, ideal for teachers• 12 x Slim dry wipe markers• 12 x Mini magnetic erasers• 1 x Tub of 286 lowercase magnetic letters• 1 x Tub of 286 magnetic numbers and maths symbols• All presented in a…

  • Magnetic Letters Set 3

    Contains 30 foam magnetic tiles in 4 colour groupings- Magic 'e', vowel phonemes, changeable vowels and 'r' controlled vowels. All tiles are lower case.

  • Magnetic Suffixes

    …of dark red magnetic suffixes covers all of the major suffix patterns. Children can use them for identification and to demonstrate the different spelling rules of adding a suffix to base words. Contains 3 sets of 12 suffixes. Works in accordance with Smart Phonics Letters and with Letters and Sounds…

  • Large Magnetic Letter Sounds

    • A must for teaching Letters and Sounds• The letter patterns represented follow the progression of Letters and Sounds and are colour coded• Pack of 50

  • Magnetic Letters Set

    This magnetic letters set contains 265 colour coded durable lower case letters in a strong storage box. With blue consonants and red vowels in line with many teaching systems. The letters are easy to use and are an essential tool in helping children to build words and sentences.• Each letter is…

  • Number Bonds Magnetic Demo

    …a variety of maths concepts such as addition and subtraction, inverse operations and number relationships.Set includes:• 55 magnets- three demonstration circles, three demonstration squares, four connecting lines• 45 discs• Size: magnetic discs- 30mm(d), circles- 200mm(d), squares- 240mm(d)

  • Magnetic Letters Set 2

    Contains foam magnetic tiles in two groupings including blend beginnings and blend endings. All tiles are lower case.• Pack of 45 letters

  • Giant Magnetic Letters Phase 5

    …foam magnetic letters are a must for whole class phonics instruction, demonstrating and teaching blending and segmenting of the letters learnt at Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The letter patterns represented are also colour-coded to make learning easier.• Contains 18 large foam magnets

  • Lowercase Magnetic Learning Letters

    …wooden letter has a clear-view plastic top, with a fun metal ball sealed right inside. Children use the permanently attached magnetic pen to guide the ball along the lines and curves of each letter and develop early printing skills as they go. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 150mm(h)• 26 lowercase letters in…

  • Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Letters

    These tactile letters are colour-coded to differentiate consonants (blue) from vowels (red). Age: 3 years+.• Size: 40mm• Includes four complete alphabets (2 lowercase and 2 uppercase)

  • Magnetic Punctuation

    This brightly coloured set of magnetic punctuation is perfect for front of class activities and is ideal for helping students prepare for the Year 6 spelling, punctuation and grammar tests. • Set of 36 pieces including full stops, brackets, question marks, colons and apostrophes • Largest piece…

  • Magnetic Ladybird

    Brightly coloured giant magnetic vinyl ladybird and a set of 20 magnetic vinyl spots. Ideal front of class use in early years to aid counting from 0-20, reciting number names in order, counting sets of objects, counting forwards and backwards, adding and subtracting.• Size: 374mm x 288mm

  • Magnetic Word Building Rainbow Arc

    This beautiful, double sided magnetic mat is ideal for sequencing activities. For use with Magnetic Letters. • Each arc measures 335mm x 482mm

  • CVC Magnetic Word Strips

    Each CVC Magnet is double sided, with an outline on one side and a template on the other to support decoding and visual strategies for learning the spelling patterns of words. Colour coding corresponds with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and…

  • Ccvc Magnetic Word Strips

    These magnets introduce consonant digraphs to consonants and vowels for spelling and word building. Double sided with both templates and outlines spelling acquisition, the colour coding corresponds with Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and Suffixes (360063, 360064, 360065 and…

  • CVVC Magnetic Word Strips

    …sounds with these new magnetic strips. The words are represented by photographic images, making them suitable for use by older SEN or EAL pupils. The magnets cover phases 3 and 5 in the Letters and Sounds teaching programme. These can be used with the Smart Phonics Magnetic Letters Sets 1, 2, 3 and…

  • Tricky Words Magnetic Strips

    …Tricky Word Magnetic Strips enable children to build tricky words from magnetic letters with support from colour coding, which shows the parts of the word that are regular and the parts that are tricky. Here, the colour coded part represents phonic regularity while the letters in black represent…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Kit

    …and Pictures Puzzles, Picture Caption Matching Puzzles Set 1 and 2, Box of 204 Flash Cards, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards, Foam Magnetic Letters, Phoneme Flip Stand, Magnetic High Frequency and Tricky Words• All contained in a free Gratnell storage box

  • Magnetic Foam Number Rods

    These foam number rods can be used on any magnetic surface, ideal for classroom demonstrations. This set can be used to reinforce understanding of so many maths concepts• Set includes 64 rods of varying lengths and colours• Made from foam