Liquid Hand Soap

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  • The Consortium Liquid Hand Soap

    Great quality and price combined in this mild liquid soap.• For use with most bulk fill dispensers including The Consortium soap dispenser (item code: 880016)• With added emollient to leave hands feeling soft• Pleasantly perfumed• 2 x 5 litres• Contact time of 30 seconds

  • Cachan® Care Anti-Bacterial Handwash

    An unperfumed antibacterial liquid handwash. Retains the skin's natural oils while leaving the hands fresh and clean.• For use with most bulk fill dispensers including The Consortium soap dispenser (item code: 880016)• 2 x 5 litres• Contact time of 5 minutes

  • Value Liquid Hand Soap

    Great value liquid hand soap to remove light to medium soiling.• For use with most bulk fill dispensers including The Consortium soap dispenser (item code: 880016)• Ideal for use in toilet and washrooms• Pink pearlised• 2 x 5 litres

  • Tork Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser

    Liquid Soap: Suitable for those who need to wash their hands frequently. It is a very mild, creamy soap which is dermatologically tested. Non perfumed and free from colour to provide for frequent usage as well as reducing the risk of skin irritation (6 x 1000ml).TORK® Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap:

  • TORK® Mild Mini Liquid Soap

    TORK® S2 Mild Mini Liquid Soap: An all-purpose soap that's perfect for all skin types. A rich, moisturising lather to nourish the skin.TORK® Liquid Soap Dispenser: Suitable for all kinds of washrooms - even in tough and demanding environments. This 500ml dispenser is reliable and drip free.

  • Tork Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser

    • To be used with TORK® Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap (item code:114809) and TORK® Mild Liquid Soap (item code: 114810)• 1,000 shots per refill: high capacity• Low-force push dispenser• Reliable and drip free• EU Eco accredited refill (114810)• Lockable• Size: 112mm(w)…

  • Bug Blasters Soap Dispensers

    Liquid soap dispenser: (item code: 820013): Liquid soap refills (item codes: 042308 or 042302)• Foam soap dispenser: (item code: 880001): Foam refill (item code: 880002)• Keyless locking mechanism• Size: 108mm(w) x 250mm(d) x 158mm(h)

  • Soft Care Soap Refills

    Soap Dispenser (item: 042300) and the Bug Blaster Liquid Soap Dispenser (item: 820013). Foam soap refill is suitable for the Bug Blaster Foam Soap Dispenser (item: 880001).• Bac (H41): an unperfumed bactericidal soap for use in food preparation areas (6 x 800ml)• Mild (H2): a mild hand

  • Soft Care Soap Dispensers

    Liquid Soap Dispenser: (item 042300) Liquid soap refills (items: 042308, 042302).Foam Soap Dispenser: (item 026980) Foam soap refill (item: 880002).• ABS plastic, push button system• Adhesive or screw-fix• Keyless locking mechanism• Dispenser size: 250mm(h) x 158mm(w) x 108mm(d)

  • Modular Refillable Soap Dispenser

    …injection moulded plastic. The clever ‘arm-lever-free’ design minimises dirt traps and makes the dispenser much more durable.• Refill with liquid soaps (item codes: 026186, 026187, 047553, 047554 and 018947)• 900ml refillable reservoir• 450 dispenses from each fill• Lockable

  • GOJO® FMX™ Hand Wash & Dispenser

    …A smooth foaming hand wash which is fragrance free and dermatologically tested. Conforms to EN1499 and EN1276 (3 x 1200ml).GOJO® Hand Dispenser: One hand push operation, and featuring a skylight with an extra large site window to easily see the volume of liquid that is left. Lockable.•…