Letter Set

  • Feels-Write Letter Stones

    …movements needed for writing each letter. Starting at the green dot children will enjoy tracing each letter shape with their finger over and over again building important motor memory skills. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 75mm-135mm• Set of 26 lowercase letters• Made from a unique stone mix

  • Cvc Set

    …beads sets available. • CVC set contains all the letters and sounds from phase 2. The set has 90 beads, 30 double-sided cards (120mm x 100mm) and 30 x 170mm strings.• CVCC and CCVC set contains all the words in the bank of suggested words in phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. The set has 100…

  • Magnetic Letters Set

    …magnetic letters set contains 265 colour coded durable lower case letters in a strong storage box. With blue consonants and red vowels in line with many teaching systems. The letters are easy to use and are an essential tool in helping children to build words and sentences.• Each letter is 25mm…

  • Magnetic Letters Set 2

    Contains foam magnetic tiles in two groupings including blend beginnings and blend endings. All tiles are lower case.• Pack of 45 letters

  • Magnetic Letters Set 1

    • Foam magnetic tiles in 5 colour groupings: Red for vowels, Yellow for consonants, Apricot for consonants that make 2 sounds, Green for 'h' digraphs and Brown for digraph endings• All tiles are lower case• Age: 3 years+• Pack of 73

  • Magnetic Letters Set 3

    Contains 30 foam magnetic tiles in 4 colour groupings- Magic 'e', vowel phonemes, changeable vowels and 'r' controlled vowels. All tiles are lower case.

  • Tactile Letters Classroom Set 124

    Trace the letter shape with a finger by starting at the dot and following the arrows; go wrong and the rough texture provides sensory input for self-checking. These sturdy plastic letters can be used in all types of messy play. Age: 4-7 years.• Size: 100mm(h) x 70mm(w)• Set of 124 (4 of each…

  • Old English Lettering Stencil Set 2

    Lettering stencils with an Old English typeface, featuring horizontal and vertical spacing guidelines.• 2-piece set• Font size: 30mm • Includes upper case and lower case letters, numerals and characters

  • Animal Letter And Shape Water Set 3

    …on their bellies. A set of 16 vibrant turtles which teach shape and colour recognition with removable shells that feature moon, star, cross, circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval shapes. A set of 26 crabs which have upper case letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other. Age: 2…

  • Lettering Stencil 50mm 4 Piece Set

    Set of four lettering/signwriting templates with a larger font for bigger applications.• 4-piece set• Font size: 50mm• Includes upper case letters, numerals and characters

  • Hot Dots Letter Sounds

    Developed in collaboration with Jolly Phonics, this set of 72 activities makes a great way to reinforce children's phonics learning. Set reinforces beginning, medial and final sounds within words. Includes all the 42 letter sounds covered by Jolly Phonics. Simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot…

  • Smart Snacks® Letter Link Crabs

    This set of colourful and fun crabs have upper case letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other. They link together to form the alphabet or simple words. Age: 2 years+.• Set of 26• Size: 50mm(l)

  • Eq Mesh Letter Tray Silver

    Premium quality set of desk accessories for general office use.• Made from silver coloured wire• Available as a letter tray, magazine file, pen pot and waste bin• Available singly or as a desktop bundle• Desktop bundle includes: letter tray, magazine file and pen pot

  • Letters Sounds Letters

    Use these 30mm letters to work on the letter progression sets across Phases Two and Three. Colour-coded for ease of use, the pieces can be laced to practise letter sounds, blending and word building. Each set includes four of each grapheme taught; perfect for small group use. Includes activity…

  • Letters Sounds Cubes

    …to teach the Letters and Sounds Phase Three phonics framework, cubes can be used to introduce the framework's phase three letter progression sets. Trickier phase three letter sets are repeated for additional reinforcement. Ideal for individual or small group learning.• Set of 6• Cube size:…

  • Rainbow Numbers and Letters

    …acrylic letters and numbers ideal for use on a light box to make letter and number recognition interesting and exciting. Numbers and letters come with a hole at the top balance point so they can be strung up or pinned to a notice board. Age: 3 years+.• Numbers set of 14• Letters set of…

  • Feely Fabric Letters

    …for simple number or word building games and they are just perfect for pegging on a washing line! Flexible, appealing and come in a handy storage bag. Age: 3 years+.• Number size: 160mm(l)• Set of ten numerals from 0 - 9• Letter size: 105mm-170mm(l)• Set of 26 lowercase letters

  • Letters & Sounds Rods

    …for the Letters and Sounds Phase Two phonics framework. Interlocking cubes encourage children to practise blending letters and experimenting with sounds. Included letters and sounds are in conjunction with Phase Two of the Letters and Sounds phonics framework.• Includes four sets of each…

  • Play -Doh Letters & Language

    …the stampers and double-sided playmats to engage in activities such as exploring letter recognition and identification, as well practicing letter sounds. Age: 2 years+.• Contains: 26 letter stampers, stylus, roller, 2 double-sided playmats, Guide, and 6 cans of Play-Doh• Set of 37 pieces

  • Alphabet Pebbles Single Set

    Pebble are engraved with a lower case letters and hand painted for contrast. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, bury them in sand or sink them in a water tray!• Cast from a durable stone/resin mix• Standard size: 30mm-45mm• Jumbo size: 60mm-73mm• Set of 26 lowercase letters

  • Signwriting Stencil 8 Piece Set

    Signwriting stencil with large font lettering.• 8-piece set• Font size: 100mm• Includes upper case letters, numbers and characters