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  • Watch/Whistle Lanyards

    • Nylon lanyards designed for whistles and watches• Length: 483mm• Assorted colours• Pack of 12

  • VU + Data Loggers Pack of 5

    Buy 5 EasySense Vu Data Loggers and save 25%.Contains:• 5 x Vu data loggers• 5 x temperature sensors• 5 x lanyards• 5 x USB cables• 5 x eBooks containing activities• 5 x EasySense software• 5 x storage boxes• FREE lifetime product support• Includes Bluetooth

  • Centurion Tag Rugby Development Kit

    …introduction to the game of rugby.Contains:• 14 x tag rugby belts• 52 x markers• 1 x inflater• 1 x stopwatch• 1 x whistle and lanyard• 1 x easy-grip ball• 1 x foam rugby ball• 1 x synthetic rugby ball• 1 x set of guidance notes• 1 x mesh holdall

  • Primary Timer - Stopwatch

    This easy-to-use stopwatch features a unique lap function, enabling the user to momentarily stop timing whilst a timer still runs in the background. Age: 5-12 years.• Pack of 6• Includes safety-release lanyard

  • Eveque Run PAK

    …20 x 9" cones: red, yellow, green and blue• 1 x coloured plastic relay batons (set of 4)• 8 x hurdles - 500mm and 400mm wide• 1 x hi-stepper• 1 x Eveque whistle and lanyard • 2 x Eveque stopwatch• 1 x orienteering • 1 x pacesetter book• 1 x carry bag

  • Albion Coaching Pack

    …and pop up cones for marking training areas and hurdles to work on the mechanics of running to help improve technique. Kit contains: • 6 x 6" plastic hurdles• 2 x 4m speed ladders (flat rung)• 40 x space markers • 12 x pop up cones• 1 x whistle with lanyard • 1 x stopwatch • 1 x team holdall

  • EasySense Vu Data Logger

    …Large graphical LCD display• Built-in temperature, light and sound sensors• 2 x plug-in sensor sockets• Built-in rechargeable battery• Includes lanyard, USB cable, EasySense software site licence, eBook with activities, storage box and FREE lifetime product support