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  • Flash 12.1 Disinfecting Sanitary Cleaner

    Cleans and disinfects surfaces in one go. Cleans away tough grease and kitchen stains.• Previously known as Flash Clean and Bleach Spray• Conforms to EN1276• 750ml

  • Value Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner

    Brilliantly priced Anti-bacterial Surface Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner with a powerful bactericide. Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces.• Conforms to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697• Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including yeast• Fragrance free• Contact time: 30…

  • Mr Muscle® Kitchen Cleaner

    Tough cleaning formula with anti-bacterial action. Specifically formulated to quickly tackle tough kitchen grease and grime. Leaves kitchen surfaces sparkling clean with a fresh lemon scent. • Suitable for use on most kitchen surfaces including cooker tops, sinks, tiles and work surfaces

  • Suma M/purpose Cleaner 1.4ltrx2

    Super concentrated kitchen detergent for cleaning all washable surfaces, part of the SmartDose System.Four products in one; floor, glass, general purpose cleaner and hand dishwashing.• 2 x 1.4 Litres

  • Oven Cleaner 750ml

    • Powerful alkaline oven, hob and grill cleaner which is fume free and is an effective cleaner for the removal of grease, oil and burnt on carbon deposits without the need for scrubbing or scraping• 6 x 750ml

  • Aggressor Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    A powerful, versatile cleaner and degreaser that removes grease and dirt.• Suitable for water-resistant and alkali resistant surfaces• Dilution: 20ml - 1litre water • 2 x 5 Litres

  • Value Oven Cleaner

    A great value foaming oven cleaner that removes greasy deposits on ovens and grills with no hard scrubbing or scraping.• Fume free• 650ml • Sold singly

  • Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner

    Brilliantly priced Anti-bacterial Surface Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner with a powerful bactericide. Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces.• Conforms to EN1276 and EN1650• Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including MRSA Listeria, Ecoli and yeast• Fragrance free• Pack…

  • Ecover Techno Multi-Surface Cleaner

    A concentrated all-purpose cleaner for washable surfaces such as walls, floors, doors, cabinets and tables. • 1:250 dilution: Light-duty• 1:25 dilution: Heavy-duty spray• Pleasantly scented• No rinsing required• 5 Litres

  • Value Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    A great value cleaner that removes fats, oils and grease from all hard surfaces.• 1:1 to 5:1 dilution - Heavy-duty• 50:1 dilution - Light-duty• Dries quickly leaving a non-greasy finish

  • Drain Safe Cleaner

    …microorganisms that efficiently and safely reduce the sticky greasy waste evacuated into drainage systems, causing blockages. Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odour problems in the small-bore pipes flowing from sinks, baths, showers and kitchen macerators.• 5 Litres• Sold singly

  • Brillo® Cleaner and Degreaser

    Ideal for use on floors, walls, equipment, utensils and all other washable surfaces in kitchens and areas where food is prepared and consumed. • Powerful formulation, no need for hard scrubbing• Non-tainting and odourless• Dissolves grease fast• Dilution: 30ml - 1litre…

  • MP10® Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    A highly effective, multi-purpose alkaline cleaner. Removes oils and grease and for use on all hard floor surfaces except terrazzo.• Coverage: 2500m2 per 5 litres - damp mopping at 1:100 dilution• Fresh perfume• 2 x 5 Litres

  • Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Provides superior cleaning and dust removal and can be used on most surfaces including furniture, wood, glass and laminates.• Contains anti-static agents to pick up dust and cleans all surfaces without smearing• 400ml• Sold singly

  • Consortium Window/glass Cleaner

    Superb glass cleaner which will leave a sparkling smear-free finish. • Repels dust, is non-streaking and leaves glass surfaces sparkling• Can also be used on tile, plastic, chrome and stainless steel surfaces

  • Mr Muscle® Multi-Surface Cleaner

    Specifically formulated to tackle tough grease and grime found in busy commercial kitchens and bathrooms. • Disinfects by killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces• Leaves behind a streak-free shine and fresh lemon scent• For use on cooker tops, sinks and…

  • Conhard Surface Cleaner 1x750ml

    Great quality and price combined. This fast acting formula will remove a wide range of organic soils.• Multi-purpose cleaner• Highly effective against heavy grease, dirt and grime• Can be applied by a cloth, brush or spray

  • Cif Cream Cleaner

    Gives excellent performance on tough stains without damaging delicate surfaces such as enamel and paintwork.• Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms• 2 litres

  • DR86 Steam Cleaner

    Versatile 4 bar, 140°C steam generator. Ideal for cleaning hard floors, glass, tiles and sinks in toilets, showers and kitchens. It is lightweight and compact for easy transportation. • Weight: 7kg• Power: 1500W• Capacity: 3.2L• Tools included

  • Henry Vacuum Cleaner

    …beads. Supplied with hose and ‘T’ shaped nozzle, all accessories pack away neatly inside. Simulated cord is reeled in by turning a handle, like the real thing! A great addition to your playhouse, workbench, or kitchen. Age: 3 years+.• Requires 4 x C batteries (not included)• Size: 255mm(h)

  • Force® Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser

    A non-tainting and odourless, heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser for the catering environment.• Conforms to BS EN 1276• Suitable for cleaning appliances and machinery• 2 x 5 litres