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  • Chunky Jewellery Making Kit

    page452This kit is made up of large plastic and wooden beads in a variety of bright colours and designs, with substantial apertures which smaller children can use, improving their hand/eye co-ordination. As well as the huge number of beads, each box contains some stretchy cord so necklaces and…

  • Wooden Beads

    page453Great for many craft and collage projects including jewellery making these wooden beads are assorted shapes and sizes in a light and dark finish.• Reusable tub of approx 200

  • Cotton Beading Cord

    Ideal for use with most kinds of beads and especially good for rustic or period styles.• Available in Cream, Dark Brown or Black• 1mm x 25m

  • Coloured Elastic

    page452Perfect for threading, beadwork, jewellery making as well as textile and costume projects.• 10 x 2m

  • Jewellery Findings

    • Pack of 32 assorted jewellery findings

  • Jewellery Making Kit

    page452Use this great resource to make beautiful jewellery and raise funds for your school. A collection of brightly coloured beads in a variety of designs which includes enough materials to make 20 bracelets and 24 necklaces.• Contains: silver lined beads, bicone beads, a wide assortment of…

  • CD Jewel Cases

    • Compact disc jewel case• Pack of 10

  • Gold Elastic Cord

    page452• Metallic cord for jewellery and crafts• 8 metres

  • Beads Bumper Pack

    page453Assorted shapes, sizes and colours suitable for collage, jewellery and textile decoration.• Pack of 1000 approx

  • Miracle Beads

    page453Great for eye-catching jewellery these rainbow beads have a metallic finish.• Assorted colours • 90 beads

  • Dvd+r 4.7gb 16x Jewel Cases Pk10

    Write-once and rewritable capability DVD recordable media. • Media life expectancy of more than 100 years • Available in '-' and '+' formats

  • Bead Loom

    page452Simple and easy to assemble, this loom pack contains everything required to make attractive bead jewellery.• Contains, bead loom, beads, thread, needles, easy to follow instructions

  • Clear Stretch Beading Cord

    page452Thicker, stretchier and firmer than fishing line, this unique plastic stretchy cord is perfect for seed beads or any jewellery craft. 1mm thick, 91 meters per spool.

  • Pearl Beads

    page453Great for all kinds of jewellery, fashion and crafts as this pack offers a wide selection of colours, sizes and shapes. The perfect pack to start with for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.• Pack of 900 assorted beads

  • Tub of Pearls

    Round and oval shapes.• Includes gold, silver, pearl and iridescent beads • Assorted sizes• 150g

  • Exotic Beads

    page453Intricately detailed and decorated plastic beads.• 113g bag in assorted sizes and colours

  • Wooden Beads

    page453• 200g pack of wooden beads in assorted shapes, sizes and colours (8mm to 22mm)

  • Barrel Beads

    page453• 1,000 large hole, plastic, barrel beads • Mixed pearl, neon and bright colours

  • Bugle Beads Assortment

    page453An assortment of bugle beads in vivid colours.• Size 6-9mm• Pack size 90g

  • Light Natural Wooden Beads

    page453These beads are light in colour and are a mixture of varnished and unvarnished.• Pack of 250 in assorted sizes

  • Collage String Pearls

    page491A pack of assorted gold, silver, white and cream strung pearls ideal for textile and collage projects.• Colours: gold, silver, white and cream • Pack of 6 x 1m