Handwriting Boards

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  • Value Mini Handwriting Whiteboards

    …value, rigid, mini handwriting whiteboards, smooth and durable allowing easy writing and wiping.• Printed on one side light purple lines at 20mm intervals with dotted lines in between• Top of board printed with alphabet in upper and lower text• Encourages neat handwriting and straight…

  • Handwriting Demonstration Sheet

    …size demonstration sheet can be attached to a metallic white board with the 4 x 40mm magnets supplied. It can be trimmed with scissors to fit a smaller size white board. The bold horizontal lines follow the pattern of most handwriting exercise books and have blue lines to indicate the 'x' height,…

  • Value Mini Handwriting Whiteboard Kit

    handwriting and straight lines.Kit includes:• Value mini, rigid, handwriting whiteboards, Value drywipe erasers and Value slim barrel black drywipe pens; the quantities matching the pack size• One side printed light purple lines at 20mm intervals with dotted lines in between. Top of board

  • Fine Motor Skills Board Set

    15 boards to support early mark making and preparation for handwriting by developing movement pattern skills, repetition of common letter formation. Encourages left to right movement. Provided with 100 sheets of paper, the pencil tracks are ideal for all sizes of pencil, crayon or felt pen.• Size:…