• The Consortium Handwriting Pens

    The Consortium handwriting pen is designed to provide smooth, easy writing from the 0.3mm plastic tip. The barrel design includes finger grips to aid pen control.• Choice of black and blue ink colours• Available in a packs of 12, 50, 100 and a classpack of 200

  • Value Handwriting Pen

    Nylon-tipped handwriting pen.• Non push-through tip• Easy flowing non-toxic ink• Available in black or blue, in 3 pack sizes

  • STABILO® EASYoriginal Handwriting Pen

    Stabilo have developed a pen to help children with their handwriting, whether left or right handed.• Supplied with a blue ink cartridge • Available in right handed or left handed versions• Part of the Stabilo EASY ergonomics experts product range• Grip zone made from comfortable…

  • STABILO® EASYgraph Classpack

    Classpack of right and left handed HB graphite pencils designed to help improve children's handwriting.• Triangular pencil with specific ergonomic grip zone to promote the recommended tripod grip• Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means the pencil will be held in the right…

  • BIC® Kids Ballpoint Clic Pen

    Retractable ballpoint pen ideal for children who are learning how to write. It has an ergonomic rubber grip designed for children's hands, featuring a visual guideline for correct finger positioning. Perfect to be used by both right and left handed writers.• Retractable nib cover• 1mm tip with…

  • BIC® Kids Graphite Pencil

    An ergonomic triangular barrelled pencil with a visual guideline for correct finger positioning. Perfectly suited to be used by both right and left handed writers as the first stage of learning to write.• Proportionally designed to fit children's hands• Easy to sharpen and break resistant HB…

  • Berol Handwriting Pens

    These handwriting pens help develop better writing control and letter formation.• Ventilated safety cap and improved washable ink• Hard wearing plastic tip• 0.6mm line width• Available in 2 colours: dark blue and black• Pack of 42 or a classpack of 200

  • Staedtler® Handwriting Pen

    Hard-wearing point which provides increased resistance to excessive pressure. The pen has a long write-out length and to further enhance the writing performance, the grip zone has been moulded in such a way to prevent fingers slipping, making writing a more comfortable experience.• 0.6mm line…

  • Fountain Pen

    • A quality pen fitted with a superb feed system• Medium gilt nib for smooth even writing• Supplied with Blue ink cartridge• Supplied singly

  • Value School Fountain Pen

    • Medium steel nib• Advanced feed system for free flowing writing• Supplied with Blue ink cartridge• Box of 12

  • Classic 61/2" x 8" Handwriting Books - Landscape

    • Size: 229 x 178mm (61/4" x 81/2”)• 40 pages, 75gsm bright White paper• 225gsm high quality cover, with stapled spine for added strength• Pack of 50

  • Handwriting Book 203x165mm 24p Green

    • 225gsm pressboard cover• 24 pages, 75gsm paper• Stapled on long side• 203mm x 165mm• Inter-ruled, 7mm blue and 19mm red• Pack of 50

  • Edding Handwriting Pen Tub42 Black

    This pen is ideal for developing handwriting in both right and left handed learners due to its ability to write at any angle.• Medium 0.6mm tip• Water-based ink• Available in black and blue• Tub of 42 and classpack of 200

  • Feels-Write Number Stones

    …numerals correctly as they do with letters. They need to develop fine motor control, the language to talk about shapes and patterns and the handwriting movements needed for the numeral shapes. These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing children to correct numeral formation.…

  • Value Mini Handwriting Whiteboards

    …value, rigid, mini handwriting whiteboards, smooth and durable allowing easy writing and wiping.• Printed on one side light purple lines at 20mm intervals with dotted lines in between• Top of board printed with alphabet in upper and lower text• Encourages neat handwriting and straight…

  • STABILO Fun Ergo Rollerball

    …the correct grip of older children.• Suitable for both left and right handed users• Roller ball pen with a tip width of 0.5mm• Non slip grip zone for easy control for neat and tidy handwriting• Pack of 5Please note 2017 catalogue "sold singly" is incorrect - it should state pack of 5..

  • BIC® Kids Mechanical Pencil

    …lead and suitable for both left and right handed writers, these mechanical pencils are perfect for students transitioning from standard graphite pencils to handwriting pens.• Ergonomic rubber grip with visual guideline• Available in either blue or pink• Refills available separately• Pack of 12

  • Early Handwriting Progress Pack

    …shapes and correct formations across all areas of a setting including outdoors. This kit will develop the tools children need for successful handwriting including fine motor skills, coordination and control whilst encouraging correct formation and building confidence. Age: 3 years+.Contains:•…

  • Handwriting Demonstration Sheet

    …40mm magnets supplied. It can be trimmed with scissors to fit a smaller size white board. The bold horizontal lines follow the pattern of most handwriting exercise books and have blue lines to indicate the 'x' height, a pink line to indicate the 'cap' height and 'ascender' height and a pink line to…

  • Handwriting Years 5-6

    These handwriting teaching books include writing and spelling practice, joining exercises, and support for left-handers. Animated demonstrations of letter formation can also be found on the CD-ROM.• Handwriting Reception-Year 2 includes fine and gross motor skills, patterning, introducing…

  • Scholastic Handwriting Pupil Workbook

    Each workbook provides additional handwriting practice and is matched to the Scholastic Handwriting Teacher Resource books, making them perfect to use in class or as a standalone resource for use at home.• 100% in line with the 2014 National Curriculum• Pack of 10