Hand Stapler

  • Consortium Stapler&punch Set Purple

    page129Stapler, punch and remover set in two bright colours.• Top loading half strip stapler, metal mechanism with ABS body• Two hole punch, metal parts with ABS body, compact size 100mm((w) x 50mm(d)• Staple remover - claw type• Staple capacity: 20 sheet• Takes 24/6 and 26/6…

  • Optima Grip Electric Stapler

    page130Personal use electric stapler for jam-free stapling of up to 20 sheets.• Compact handheld design - you really can use it in your hand• Built-in paper stack height gauge and staple placement guides• Convenient plug-in or battery operation• Takes 26/6 staples

  • Rapesco Flat Clinch Stapler

    page131The flat clinch stapler mechanism flattens the staple legs on the reverse side of the paper which avoids sharp edges and achieves neat paper stacking.• Half strip, top loading stapler • Personalisation window - provides a neat way to identify the stapler• Full rubber base, all…

  • The Consortium Mini Stapler

    A mini stapler which takes full size staples. Small, compact and great value.• Sheet capacity: 10 sheets• Takes 24/6mm or 26/6mm staples• Available in black• Sold singly

  • Optima 40 Manual Stapler

    page130The unique mechanism on this stapler means that 50% less effort is needed than traditional staplers at every sheet count.• Jam-free stapling capacity of up to 40 sheets• Flat clinch anvil forms the staple, flat on the back of your document• Durable metal construction•…

  • Rapesco Long Arm Stapler

    page131Long arm stapler with tough ABS upper arm and top loading stapling head.• Calibrated adjustable paper guide• Full metal chassis• 300mm stapling depth• Sheet capacity: 20 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Sold singly

  • Optima 45 Electric Stapler

    page130Excellent electric stapler for jam-free stapling up to 45 sheets.• Flat clinch mechanism for neater stacks of paper• LED low staple indicator alerts you to refill before running out of staples• Staple storage drawer to keep extra strips handy• Takes 26/6 and no. 56…

  • Consortium Coloured Stapler Green

    page129Coloured staplers in two bright, stand out colours.• Full strip• Sheet capacity: 18 sheets• Takes 24/6mm or 26/6mm staples• Choice of 2 colours: blue and green• Sold singly

  • Luna Silver Stapler

    page131• Heavy duty front loading stapler• Steel chassis• 50 Sheet capacity• Uses staples 80922 or 80923

  • Value Half Strip Stapler

    page129Great value half strip, top loading stapler.• Sheet capacity: 20 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Sold singly

  • Grouper Stapler - R548

    page131Full strip, top loading stapler, non-slip feet and metal chassis plate.• Sheet capacity: 20 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Black• Sold singly

  • Rapesco X5-90ps Power Stapler

    page129Power saving half strip stapler requires 60% less stapling force, so less effort needed, yet staples up to 90 sheets in one go!• Less stapling force• Top loading system• Durable construction• Sheet capacity: 90 sheets• Takes 923/8 and 923/10 staples• Sold…

  • The Consortium Full Strip Stapler

    page129Metal, full strip, top loading stapler with ABS top cap and full rubber base. Excellent value for money high quality stapler.• Sheet capacity: 25 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Black• Sold singly

  • Rapesco Stapler & Remover Set

    page131Half strip, top loading stapler with staple remover set.• Integrated staple storage chamber in base of stapler• Sheet capacity: 20 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Blue• Sold singly

  • 923/10mm Staples For Av59 Stapler

    page130A wide range of staples suitable for most staplers and tackers.• 032305, a handy heavy duty 923 staple multi-pack of 3200 staples, comprising of; 800 x 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm

  • Rapesco 25 Less Effort Stapler

    page129A half strip stapler that requires less effort, giving you a quiet and effortless stapling experience.• Less stapling forced required• Easy top loading• Sheet capacity: 25 sheets• Takes 26/6mm and 24/6mm staples• White• Pack of 12

  • The Consortium Half Strip Stapler

    page129Excellent value for money high quality, compact, metal stapler.• Half strip• Top loading• Sheet capacity: 20 sheets• Takes 26/6 and 24/6 staples• Black• Sold singly

  • Rapesco AV45 Heavy Duty Stapler

    page131Tough metal construction with ABS body and front loading stapler.• Contoured handle with inset grip• Central pivot design for maximum leverage• Personalisation window• Adjustable 7mm-62mm depth gauge • Sheet capacity: up to 115 sheets• Takes 923/8mm-15mm…

  • Value Stapler & Punch Set

    page129Stapler and hole punch set with a fun, brightly coloured transparent casing. • Top loading half strip stapler with all metal feeder and integral staple remover• Two hole punch with all metal working parts, rubberised confetti tray and handle lock down• Includes a pack of 1000…

  • Rapesco Eco Heavy Duty Stapler Set

    page131This heavy duty stapler features a soft-feel rubber grip for comfort when handling repetitive tasks and a unique paper guide. Set includes 2000 923/10mm staples.• Easy to use top-loading stapler• Central pivot design for maximum leverage• Sheet capacity: 100 sheets• Takes 923/6-12mm…

  • Rapesco Z1-53 Metal Tacker

    page132Powerful metal and polymer bodied tacker offering performance, comfort and safety.• Comfortable ergonomic grip• Lock down switch• Staple viewing window• Bottom loading magazine• Supplied with 200 staples• Takes 53/6 and 53/8 staples• Sold singly