Hand Drill

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  • Hand Drill

    Good quality hardwood handles and double-pinion, milled gears for smoother running. Fitted with 6mm, 3-jaw, hand-tightened chuck.• Sold singly

  • Throw Down Hands Set

    These vinyl hands are a great teaching resource for setting out play routines and drills.• Contrasting left and right hands• Colours: red and blue• Pack of 10

  • Junior Toolboard

    …workshop.Contains:• 4 x junior hacksaws• 1 x pliers• 1 x pincers• 1 x paper drill• 1 x pin hammer• 1 x metal safety rule• 4 x assorted screwdrivers• 1 x hand drill• 1 x drill bit set• 1 x G-clamp (75mm)• 1 x hole punch• Toolboard size:…

  • Tool Kit

    A complete tool kit supplied in a workman's tool case. Age: 3 years+.• Set includes: contractors carry case, saw, hammer, hand drill, wrench, pliers, screwdriver and 3 changeable heads, wrench, nail, tape measure and nuts and bolts• Case size: 250mm x 95mm x 210mm• Set of 16 pieces

  • Stone Age Archaeo-Box

    …Flint Hand Axe• 1 x Small crystal quartz arrowhead • 2 x Small arrowheads• 1 x Medium arrowhead• 1 x Large arrowhead• 1 x Large Neolithic knife • 1 x Large biface• 1 x Axe head• 1 x Miniature flint dagger around• 1 x Rocket-shaped borer/stone drill•