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  • Stoneware Glazes

    …characteristics. • The pack contains the following colours: Crackle Matt Clear, Maycoshino (iron glaze), Cinnabar (rich maroon-red gloss glaze), Pistachio (green gloss glaze), Blue Surf (blue gloss glaze that breaks green), Tiger's Eye (breaks from a glossy deep brownish-red to frothy amber…

  • Foundations Brush-on Glazes

    page458• Offer a broad assortment of colours, opacities and textures for the basis of any ceramic project. Allows glaze layering and glaze combinations• Easy to apply, dries quickly and fires to a smooth finish• Non-toxic and food safe• Available in single colours (568ml) or an…

  • Stroke and Coat Kit

    …and firing ranges.• Broad firing range 06 - 6 (999°C - 1230°C)• Use for detail over Foundation• Can be applied to clay or bisque• Self glazing with 3 coats application• When using for design over Foundation, no need to clear glaze• 57ml bottles• Pack of 12

  • Non-Firing Colours

    page458 page461• Suitable for use with air hardening clay, bisque pottery or any porous surface• Set of 11 colours and 1 gloss sealer• 59ml supplied in squeezy bottles

  • Berol Marvin Medium

    …completely flexible finish, so it can be mixed with any colour or pigment without loss of brilliance when dry. Ideal for modelling, mixing, glazing or as strong adhesive for porous material. It also renders difficult surfaces suitable for painting and strengthens paper and card in model making.This…

  • Crystal Glazes Masquerad

    page458Mayco's crystal glazes, Crystalites™ and Jungle Gems™, are non-toxic gloss glazes that contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process. As these crystals "bloom" and spread they produce dramatic, colourful effects. • Assorted colour pack contains: cappuccino…

  • Air Hardening Clay

    page457 page461This air-dried, non-toxic clay can be re-used if kept moist. It can be painted when dry.• Clay in 12.5kg packs nylon reinforced• Packed in 12.5kg polythene bags or 2.5kg tubs

  • Buff School Clay

    page457• Buff plastic made of 10% sand particularly suitable for all forms of hand building and throwing• Fire at 1100°c-1290°c• 12.5kg

  • White Earthenware Clay

    page457• Plastic, white earthenware throwing clay• Fire at 1100°c-1220°c• 12.5kg

  • Original Red Clay

    page457• Plastic, white earthenware throwing clay• Fire at 1100°c-1220°c• 12.5kg

  • Buff Stoneware Clay

    page457• Strong, plastic stoneware clay• Fire at 1150°c-1290°c, biscuit 1030°c• 12.5kg

  • White St Thomas Clay

    page457White St Thomas clay with a superb hand building body. It can also be used for throwing. Good colour under oxidation or reduction firing. Ideal for Raku.• Fire at 1160°C-1300°C• 12.5kg

  • Craft Crank Clay

    page457• Craft crank is unsurpassed as a hand building clay• The unique blend of fireclays and ball clays produce a pleasant, toasted colour oxidation whilst the speckled orange-brown under reduction is unrivalled• 12.5kg

  • White Stoneware Clay

    page457An excellent, smooth-textured, white stoneware body based on plastic fireclays and china clays. Throws well and stands up well on the wheel.• Fire at 1200°C-1300°C• 12.5kg

  • Raku Clay

    page457With coarser grogs present, this body is designed for those producing large sculptural forms which are intended for either raku or stoneware firing. The coarse textured grogs produce a pronounced fleck when fired to stoneware.Superb thermal shock resistance. Low shrinkage. Designed for Raku…

  • Hessian Square

    page458For rolling or pressing applications. Prevents clay sticking to work surfaces.• Size: 460mm x 460mm• Sold singly

  • FIMOair Modelling Clay Natural

    page461 page992Ideal for modelling and shaping and especially suitable for dolls and puppets. When dry, the modelling material has a wood-like structure and just like real wood can be sawn, drilled, carved or filed and also painted and lacquered. Age: 4 years+.• Made from 95% natural…

  • Modelling Material

    page465Traditionally made, versatile modelling material that never dries out and so can be used again and again, making it very economical.• Non-toxic, long lasting• Classpacks contain 6 assorted colours each

  • Derwent Inktense Colouring Pencils

    …to burst out. Water transforms your dry pencil marks to vibrant and translucent ink colours which are permanent once dry which means you can glaze layers over the top of each other.• Water soluble• Ideal for intense, vibrant work, perfect for illustrators, designers and students•…

  • Ecofrieze Rolls

    page307This paper is made from 100% virgin fibre, a mix of long fibre and hard woods which gives the product its extra strength. The machine glaze and strength of this paper allows displays to be featured for longer. The surface is wipeable and the satin finish does not detract from work being…

  • Crucible with Lid

    Porcelain crucibles with lids, glazed inside and outside except bottom. • Available in 2 sizes/capacities• Sold singly