Gel Pens

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  • Pilot Frixion Gel Pens Pk 5

    These rollerball pens contain heat sensitive ink. Just rub the end of the pen over the lettering and the ink vanishes with no marking and no messy rubber bits! • Write, clean, erase and re-write as often as you like• Accidental erasures can be retrieved by placing writing in a freezer•…

  • Gel Pen Uni Ball Gel Sticks Pk 8

    • Assorted colour gel ink pens • 1 each of Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Blue and Violet • Smooth ink flow medium line• Pack of 8

  • edding 2185 crystaljelly

    Gel roller pens with Special water-based ink• Smooth writer with 0.7mm line width• Rubber grip for extra comfort• Pack of 10

  • Uni-Ball Erasable Rollerball

    A high quality gel roller ball with erasable ink perfect for peer-to-peer and teacher marking.• Erasers on both the lid and the pen tip• Medium point, with a line width of 0.5mm• Assorted pack of 24 contains 6 of each: green, violet, pink and orange

  • The Consortium Gel Pens

    Excellent quality gel pen, smooth gel ink ensures easy writing.• Smooth gel ink ensures easy writing• Medium point of 0.7mm, with a line width of 0.5mm• Available in black, blue, red and green ink• Pack of 12

  • edding 2185 crystaljelly

    • Rubber grip for comfort• Medium 0.7mm line width• Assorted pack of 10 contains; 2 Black 1 each of Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Gold, Silver and Bronze • Pack of 10

  • Pilot G-207 Retractable Gel Rollerball

    Retractable gel pen with a tungsten carbide tip for precise, blob-free writing and a contoured rubber grip for comfort.• High grade spring for repeated use • Economical and environmentally friendly• Fine point of 0.7mm, with a line width of 0.39mm• Available in black, blue,…

  • Pilot Gold, Silver and White Gel Pens

    Pigment ink gel rollerball pen in an attractive, modern design with a teardrop shaped end stud.• Vibrant colours• Water resistant when dry• Medium 0.7mm tip• Pack of 3

  • Embossed Colour and Collage Baskets

    …amazing fun designing and creating with this pack of embossed card basket blanks. Use the rubbing technique with crayons, pastels, chalks and gel pens to make a unique product. Different effects are achieved with the positive and negative surfaces of the embossing. When decorated use basic primary…

  • A4 Rainbow Embossed Card

    …embossed card has a minimum of 10 exciting designs ranging from stars and flowers to zig zags and dots. Use with crayons, pastels, chalks and gel pens to colour and create your very own designer product. Cut into masks, frames, creatures, gift tags and much more. Amazing effects on both the positive…