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  • Nylon Wound Footballs

    Hard wearing playground football with 32 panels. • Nylon wound• Available in sizes 4 and 5 • Sold singly

  • K4p Playground Footballs Size 5

    A great value way to get the whole class playing football.Contains:• 12 x playground footballs• 1 x carry net • Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5

  • Foam Skinned Football

    • Great way of introducing young children to football• 250mm diameter• Colours may vary• Supplied singly

  • Lightweight Footballs

    This pack of lightweight footballs are ideal for introducing children to football and other ball games. • Size: 215mm(dia)• Designs may vary• Pack of 12

  • Playground Footballs

    A terrific value, robust, 32-panel, vinyl football.• Colour: white• Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5• Sold singly or as a pack of 12 balls with a carry net

  • S4 Imp Footballs/bag

    • Excellent all weather soft touch training ball• Suitable for both grass and modern Astroturf surfaces

  • Mitre Monde Big Deal

    • FIFA Inspected• 18 panel design• Available in sizes 4 and 5

  • Mitre® Tactic Training Footballs

    The legendary Tactic is a durable training ball resistant to all abrasive surfaces. An improved, tough, more flexible synthetic rubber construction delivers superb shape retention and feel. The Tactic is a great all-surface, all-weather and all-age training ball.• 18-panel design• Colour:…

  • Mitre® Delta Match Football

    A match standard replica of Mitre's top of the range Delta Hyperseam Football League ball, featuring Mitre's innovative Hyperseam technology, developed to deliver optimum in-play consistency.A great entry level school or team match ball.• 12 panel design • Available in sizes 4 and 5• Colours: white…

  • Youth Sport Direct F-Light Football

    A soft stitched PU, oversized ball that can be used for numerous ball sports and games, it's slower movement helps with hand eye co-ordination.The soft feel and lighter weight makes this ball perfect for young people learning their chosen sport, encouraging and enhancing skills and confidence in…

  • Mitre® Impel Balls

    • Buy 12 Mitre® Impel balls and get a free ball sack!

  • Football Value Pack

    This great value football kit contains all the basic equipment you need to help get your class playing football. Available in 2 sizes.Kit contains:• 12 x Value footballs• 10 x Core training bibs• 1 x Mesh panel ball sack

  • Mitre Hyperseam Ball Deal

    …innovative Hyperseam technology which has been developed to deliver optimum in-play consistency with a reinforced bladder for low maintenance, improved air retention and greater durability. Contains:• 10 x Mitre Calcio training footballs• 2 x Mitre Delta match footballs• 1 x Free Mitre ball sack

  • First-Play® Football

    The First-Play® football is made from highly durable nylon. It's colourful design makes it easier to visually track while moving.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. • Available in size 5 only • Sold singly

  • Softy Football

    • A soft-filled, polyester football• Safe for use indoors• 150mm diameter• Supplied singly

  • Mitre® Monde Match Footballs

    • Suitable for all levels of football• FIFA Inspected• 18 panel design• Supplied singly

  • Nike Tiempo Footballs

    The Nike Pitch Team training football offers a resilient design and true flight and suitable for play on grass and astro turf pitches. Features reinforced rubber bladder for enhanced shape retention and TPU for durability. • 12-panel design • Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Astro Division Footballs

    A specialist, 32-panel match ball designed specifically for artificial surfaces. It has an embossed outer coating to make it a durable, season-long performer.• 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Vandis Footballs

    A durable, 32-panel match ball with a hand-stitched PU solid outer and high air retention bladder ensuring it keeps its shape for longer.• Approved to International Matchball Standard• 32-panel design• Colour: white• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Primero Footballs

    The Primero is a hugely popular training ball, ideal for schools and clubs. It is a soft touch ball combined with a durable build making it perfect for use anywhere. Its special reinforced bladder guarantees lifelong shape and size retention.• 32-panel design• Colours: white or…

  • Mitre® Impel Footballs

    Mitre's base-level training ball. Made with a hard wearing 30 panel construction. Vimini outer texture for grip and control and 3.5 mm EVA foam backing for soft feel and touch.• 30 panel construction• Colours: white, yellow and orange• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly