Football Pump

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  • Mitre® Double Action Hand Pump

    A great value, compact, double action hand pump.• Supplied with a 2mm needle• Sold singly

  • Needle Adaptors

    For every pump you need a needle adaptor, these great value adaptors are ideal for pumping up balls.• Available in 2mm or 3mm diameter• Pack of 12• Pack of 12

  • Rapid Hand Pump

    Brilliant rapid hand pump, comes with assorted adaptors and flexible tubing.• Sold singly

  • Stirrup Pump

    A great value, heavy-duty stirrup pump.• Complete with 3mm needle• Sold singly

  • Mitre® Electric Pump

    This super-fast, electric pump is ideal if you have a number of balls to pump up in one go. • Inflates a ball in approximately 30 seconds• Includes a pressure gauge for correct inflation• Safety switch prevents overheating by switching the unit off for 20 minutes• 13amp, 240V…

  • Value Stirrup Pump

    A great value pump with a fold down foot plate, barrel is made from durable metal.• Needles sold separately• Sold singly

  • Value Plastic Hand Pump

    Plastic barrelled inflater complete with hose, suitable for use with 2mm and 3mm needles.• Barrel size: 305mm(l)• Sold singly • Needles sold separately

  • Small Sensory Ball Set

    …balls• 2 x 70mm flexi balls• 2 x 90mm flexi balls• 2 x 130mm flexi balls• 1 x flexi thrower• 2 x 150mm soft bell balls• 1 x 200mm soft bell balls• 6 x urchin balls • 2 x large pom pom balls • 6 x scented balls• 1 x pump • 1 x large storage bag

  • Large Sensory Ball Set

    …x flexi throwers• 6 x scented balls• 3 x small pom poms• 3 x large pom poms• 2 x 150mm and 2 x 200mm soft bell balls• 6 x bean bag balls• 4 x easygrip foam balls• 8 x quoits• 12 x spider balls• 1 x pump • Colours may vary• 1 x large storage bag

  • 8 Water Bottle Carrier

    This handy plastic water bottle carrier is ideal for nurseries and schools. • Bottles sold separately

  • Mitre® Water Bottles and Carrier

    White coated, plastic, 8-bottle carrier complete with bottles.• Bottle capacity: 1000ml• Bottle colours may vary

  • Plastic Water Bottles and Carrier

    A blue plastic carrier, hinged to fold flat when not in use (bottles not included).• Squeezy 750ml plastic bottles - available singly• Colours and styles may vary

  • Water Bottles

    • Clear, robust and durable flip top water bottles• CE marked• Dishwasher proof• 500ml capacity• Supplied singly

  • Plastic Water Bottle Carrier

    • Handy water bottle carrier is hinged to fold flat when not in use• Bottle capacity: 750ml• Bottle sold separately• Holds 8 bottles

  • Water Bottles

    A clear, robust and durable flip top water bottle.• CE marked• Dishwasher proof• 700ml• Sold singly

  • Bottles & Carrier Big Deal

    Great value bottle and carrier deal,• Dishwasher proof• Available in 3 sizes

  • Easygrip Balls 150mm Pk6

    An inverted triangle design vinyl ball with a tactile surface. These balls have a soft feel with a high bounce and can be re-inflated using a standard pump. • Colours may vary • Available in 3 diameters• Pack of 6

  • UV Sensory Bag

    …lessons fun using UV reactive resources. This Sensory Bag is an ideal way to introduce UV into any darkened environment.Contents (may vary):• 1 x pump bag• 6 x bangles• 1 x UV velvet slime ball• 5 x groan tubes• 1 x sticky notes• 2 x touchable bubbles• 1 x UV neon…

  • Massage Roll

    …cylinder can be rolled on the floor and has plastic spines. It's perfect for sensory play or for use as a massage aid for relaxation or reflexology. Age: 12 months+.• Size: 60mm x 150mm• Item comes deflated and will need inflating with a ball pump• Colour may vary• Sold singly

  • Kaskade™ Waterfall System

    …from one reservoir to the other by opening and closing the fitted taps. Water can be recycled back to the top reservoir from the bottom. Comes complete with a sturdy metal stand. Age: 3 years+.Set includes:• Squeeze ball pump• Clear tubing• Size: 440mm x 103mm (420mm rising to 710mm)

  • Create Development real PE Silver kit

    The Consortium have teamed up with Create Development to put together this kit which provides everything you need to continue with the real PE programme.Kit Contains• 1 x Pack of 50 marker saucers • 30 x Tennis balls• 4 x 215mm Soft feel playballs • 6 x 200mm Easygrip playballs• 6 x 150mm Easygrip…