Foam Sheets

  • EVA Foam Sheets

    Great for craft activities.• Size: 228mm x 305mm• Assorted colours• Pack of 10

  • Safeprint Foam Sheets

    White expanded polystyrene sheets, a safe alternative to printing with polymer blocks. Impressions can be made in the foam using blunt objects and can also be used in model making. Can be cut, painted and glued.• 3mm thick

  • Foam Classroom Pack

    …for hours of creativity with our easy-to-use foam classroom pack. Children can make beautiful art projects using the variety of shapes and sheets. Pack includes: • 20 - 23mm x 305mm sheets• 10 - 305mm x 460mm sheets• 100 jumbo foam craft sticks • 100 numbers• 130 uppercase…

  • A5 Foam Sheets

    …to add pizazz to any number of classroom arts and crafts projects. 16 vibrant colours, 7 each of black, blue, green, hot pink, light blue, lime green, orange, purple, red and yellow, and 5 each of brown, grey, light pink, peach, tan and white.• 16 colours• Size: A5• Pack of 100 sheets

  • Depron Foam / Safeprint Sheets

    …(3mm) and model making (4.5mm) foam materials. This product is ideal for modelling by cutting up, painting then gluing the pieces together. Why not build a model house?• White sheets • Suitable for polyprinting• Ozone-friendly• Size: 500mm x 380mm• Pack of 25 sheets

  • A4 Peel and Stick Wonderfoam Sheets

    Brightly coloured ready to stick foam.• 2mm thick• 10 assorted colours• Size: A4• Pack of 20

  • Multicultural Foam Sheets

    • Colours: black, coco, white, light tan, dark brown, apricot• Sheet size: 166mm x 166mm• Pack of 30

  • African Mask Kit Classpack

    …but can be used in Key Stage 1 with support.• Each classpack provides: 30 black face masks, coloured lollipop sticks, coloured matchsticks, assorted colour flock paper, assorted colour EVA foam sheets and sequin mesh• Contents may vary• Pack contains enough pieces to create 30 masks

  • Roman Masks Craft Pack

    This Roman masks kit is a fantastic learning support for history projects. • Contents: 30 light brown masks, assorted EVA foam sheets and shapes, bumpy chenille stems, assorted sequin mesh, coloured matchsticks and teacher's notes• Contents may vary slightly from image shown•…

  • Easter Project Pack

    …50 x corrugated flower shapes, spot and plume feathers, 100 x wiggly eyes, 200 x foam shapes, yellow and green sizzel (56g), 100 x yellow craft fluffs, 50 x sheets of super-value construction paper, 125 sheets of newsprint paper, 454g of remnant tissue• Colours and contents may vary

  • Feather Board

    Extruded foam polystyrene, sandwiched between white art board top and bottom. This is a very light and very strong thick board for printing display, photographic mounting or strong constructional models.• Ozone-friendly• Size: 360mm(w) x 510mm(d) x 5mm(h)• Pack of 5 sheets