Foam Letters

  • Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Letters

    These tactile letters are colour-coded to differentiate consonants (blue) from vowels (red). Age: 3 years+.• Size: 40mm• Includes four complete alphabets (2 lowercase and 2 uppercase)

  • Magnetic Letters Set 1

    Foam magnetic tiles in 5 colour groupings: Red for vowels, Yellow for consonants, Apricot for consonants that make 2 sounds, Green for 'h' digraphs and Brown for digraph endings• All tiles are lower case• Age: 3 years+• Pack of 73

  • Foam Letters & Numbers

    An assorted pack of coloured foam upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-9. A great introduction for literacy and numeracy.• Shapes are approximately 1” thick• Fine foam for excellent water retention• Colours may vary• Pack of 62

  • Alphabet Foam Shapes

    • Assorted upper case letters• Assorted colours• Size: 50mm x 25mm (approx)• Pack of 150

  • Letters Sounds Cubes

    Soft foam cubes have been specifically designed to teach the Letters and Sounds Phase Three phonics framework, cubes can be used to introduce the framework's phase three letter progression sets. Trickier phase three letter sets are repeated for additional reinforcement. Ideal for individual or small…

  • Magnetic Letters Set 2

    Contains foam magnetic tiles in two groupings including blend beginnings and blend endings. All tiles are lower case.• Pack of 45 letters

  • Magnetic Letters Set 3

    Contains 30 foam magnetic tiles in 4 colour groupings- Magic 'e', vowel phonemes, changeable vowels and 'r' controlled vowels. All tiles are lower case.

  • Giant Magnetic Letters Phase 5

    These giant foam magnetic letters are a must for whole class phonics instruction, demonstrating and teaching blending and segmenting of the letters learnt at Phase Five of Letters and Sounds. The letter patterns represented are also colour-coded to make learning easier.• Contains 18 large foam

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Kit

    …2, Set of 5 Reading Books, Sentence Substitution Game, Yes/No Question Cards Game, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards, Phoneme Flip Stand, Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 3, Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky Words • All contained in a Gratnells storage box

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

    …Games Set 1 and 2, Yes/No Question Cards Game, Three Right Answers Game, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards, Magnetic Foam Letters Phase 5, Magnetic Foam High Frequency and Tricky Words, Phoneme Flip Stand, Phoneme Flip Stand Split Digraph, 44 Sounds Desktop Chart…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Kit

    …and Pictures Puzzles, Picture Caption Matching Puzzles Set 1 and 2, Box of 204 Flash Cards, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards, Foam Magnetic Letters, Phoneme Flip Stand, Magnetic High Frequency and Tricky Words• All contained in a free Gratnell storage box

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 6 Kit

    …encourage children to become ever more fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers• Contents: Suffix Strips Sets 1, 2 and 3, Magnetic Foam Suffixes, Phoneme Frames, Tenses - Irregular Verbs Chute Cards, Set of Six Spelling Rules Directories, Prefixes and Suffixes• All contained in…

  • Foam Classroom Pack

    foam classroom pack. Children can make beautiful art projects using the variety of shapes and sheets. Pack includes: • 20 - 23mm x 305mm sheets• 10 - 305mm x 460mm sheets• 100 jumbo foam craft sticks • 100 numbers• 130 uppercase letters• 130 lowercase letters• 200…

  • Soft Foam Flower Model

    Demonstrate the parts of a flower with this tactile soft foam model. One half of the colourful model is labelled with the parts, while the other half is labelled with letters for assessment activities.• Size: 150mm(h)

  • Smart Phonics Foam Magnetic Suffixes

    …magnetic suffixes covers all of the major suffix patterns. Children can use them for identification and to demonstrate the different spelling rules of adding a suffix to base words. Contains 3 sets of 12 suffixes. Works in accordance with Smart Phonics Letters and with Letters and Sounds Phase 6.

  • Soft Foam Cross Section Eye Model

    Realistic and detailed models let students examine the human body. Each model separates into halves, one with labels, the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only.) Age: 7+.• Each model includes an activity guide• Sold singly

  • Soft Foam Cross Section Eye Model

    Reinforce life science lessons with this hands-on model that separates into two halves - one with labels and the other with letters for self-checking or assessment. Features cornea, iris, pupil, retina, lens, optic nerve, vitreous humor, sclera, choroid, macula, ciliary muscle, optic disc and…

  • Cross Section Tooth Model

    Show children what's beneath the surface of their own teeth with this cross-section model. It is labelled on one side with the main parts of a tooth, the other half is labelled with letters for assessment. • Made from foam• Size: 125mm(h)• Includes activity guide

  • Phonics Super Sentence Tub

    These foam pieces are great for building sentences and understanding sentence structure. Features tricky words, high frequency words and words containing graphemes that are focused on in Letters and Sounds.• Pack of 115• Available in two phases