Foam Javelin

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  • Foam Javelins

    • Ideal way to introduce beginners to the sport• Designed to help develop a good throwing technique• Supplied singly

  • Junior Athletics Pack

    …your own triathlons or pentathlons!Contains:• 4 x 178mm plastic hurdles• 4 x 305mm plastic hurdles• 6 x foam discuses• 6 x 900mm foam javelins• 6 x foam shots• 6 x plastic relay batons• 1 x 30m measuring tape• 2 x whistles• 2 x stopwatches• 12 x…

  • Sportshall Foam Javelin PAK

    The lightweight foam javelin is safe for indoor use and has a dependable flight pattern making it an ideal introduction to javelin throwing at a primary level. • Complete with a protective carrying case and activity card• Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Pack of 12