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  • Flash Cards

    A superb resource for any curricular activity. • Available in 2 sizes: 50mm x 76mm (pack of 1000) and 76mm x 228mm (pack of 250)• Blank cards in 5 assorted colours, pink, green, salmon, yellow and blue

  • Support for Spelling Kits

    …our complicated English language, all sections are delivered through the workbooks; a handy desktop spelling rules directory; comprehensive flash cards; the board games and the magical self-correcting Smart Chute. With these outstanding bumper kits every aspect of spelling is delivered and enhanced…

  • The Complete Spelling Programme

    …encourage children to become independent spellers and thinkers. At the beginning of the programme these strategies are clearly outlined using flash cards. The types of questioning used include: Clarifying, Literal, Inferential, Visualising, Predictive, Reflective, Summarising Features:• explores…

  • Suffixes and Spelling Rules Flash Cards

    …on one side for quick reference and all cards are indexed by number. Flash cards are also colour-coded by parts of speech, so pupils can understand how adding suffixes changes word usage/meaning as well as spelling when used in a sentence.• Contains 233 Word Flash Cards and Activity Idea Cards

  • Flash Cards - Letters and Sounds Series

    All the words used at each Phase of Letters and Sounds are provided in these handy boxed sets. Cards are presented with the word on one side and the word with sound 'buttons' on the other, representing individual phonemes. The sound button side can be used for visually demonstrating segmentation or…

  • Animal Families Cards

    …grouping. The animal groups include reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians and fish. Game suggestions include Animal Families, Snap, Pairs, sorting activities and tree diagram work, as well as the option of simply using the cards as flash cards.• Set of 36 cards• Size: 86mm(h) x 144mm(h)

  • Rainbow Fractions Teaching Kit

    Everything you need to teach and reinforce fractions! Students manipulate colour-coded representational cubes, tiles and shapes and work independently with flash cards and engaging activity cards.• Set includes: 11 kinds of manipulatives, storage bucket, comprehensive teaching guide

  • Flashcards

    50 large double-sided flashcards to help young children develop early reading and number skills. The extra large cards feature both words and numbers. Age: 3 years+.• Box size: 190mm x 140mm x 50mm

  • Equivalence Bones

    …with sliders that conceal any one of the equivalent fraction, decimal, percentage or pictorial representations. Can be used as a front of class flash card or for pupils to work with either individually or in groups. Just move the yellow slider to conceal another equivalent form and you have a whole…

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 5 Kit

    Cards, Phoneme Frieze, Box of 250 Flash Cards, Box of 182 Alternative Pronunciation Flash Cards, Matching Words and Picture Puzzles, Sentence Substitution Games Set 1 and 2, Yes/No Question Cards Game, Three Right Answers Game, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards,

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Kit

    …Mnemonic Cards, Picture Caption Puzzles, Phoneme Frieze, Buried Treasure Game, Box of 292 Flash Cards, Matching Words and Picture Puzzles, I Can...Book and Cards, Picture Sentence Matching Puzzles Sets 1 and 2, Set of 5 Reading Books, Sentence Substitution Game, Yes/No Question Cards Game, Phoneme…

  • French Flashcards

    Colourful illustrated A5 flashcards to reinforce basic French vocabulary. The cards feature an image and text on one side, and simply the image on the other, to allow for maximum versatility in the classroom. Use to introduce topic-specific language, for reference or revision purposes or as display…

  • Spanish Flashcards

    …reinforce basic Spanish vocabulary. The cards feature an image and text on one side, and simply the image on the other, to allow for maximum versatility in the classroom. Use to introduce topic-specific language, for reference or revision purposes or as display materials.• 26-28 cards per set

  • Phonics Flashcards

    Each card shows a picture of a familiar word, its alphabetical spelling and the breakdown of its phonetic components, with one card for each of the 44 basic phonemes in English. • Pack of 48 cards• Size: 154mm x 98mm

  • Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Kit

    …3 designs), 24 Double-sided Mnemonic Cards, Phoneme Frieze, Buried Treasure Game, Matching Words and Pictures Puzzles, Picture Caption Matching Puzzles Set 1 and 2, Box of 204 Flash Cards, Phoneme Smart Ball, Word Smart Ball, Letters and Sounds Chute Cards, Foam Magnetic Letters, Phoneme Flip Stand,…

  • Number and Place Value Teaching Essentials Kit

    …Place Value Arrows• One to Hundreds Flip Stand• Foam Magnetic Numbers• Laminated Hundreds Board• Large Vinyl Number Tracks• 117 Number Flash Cards• Number Fans• Number Spinners 6pk• Magnetic Number Lines Level 1• Blueberry Jelly Extra Deep Tray and Lid

  • Jolly Phonics Extra Kit

    …Support and guidance for teachers is also included in the kit.Kit contains:• TalkingPEN• Letter Sounds Book• Jolly Phonics Extra Flash Cards• Set of 4 Jolly Phonics Extra Pupil Books 1, 2 and 3• Jolly Phonics Extra Teacher's Book• Jolly Phonics Extra Readers, Red Level…

  • Grammar Springboards

    …abilities to practise and achieve at their own level. The CDs include stand-alone worksheets together with lesson and teacher resources, such as flash cards, posters, word searches, templates and badges, as well as Assessment and Record charts to use during the lessons.• Matched to the 2014…

  • Rotating Disco Ball

    A high quality rotating disco ball with the added bonus of built in speakers, an SD card and USB slot. Turn on the light, plug in your favourite music and the lights will flash to the music beat. • Includes remote control for volume and to change tracks• Adult supervision required•…

  • Raspberry Pi® 3 Project Kit

    …10 different projects, including flashing LEDs and buzzers, to explore the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi along with an experimenter plate to allow you to prototype your projects.Contents:• Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single board computer• 16GB MicroSD card with NOOBS software• 5V, 2.5A Power…

  • Fibre Optic In A Box Kit

    …lightsource• 1 x dark den• 3 x space blankets• 2 x dynamo torches• 3 x rainbow flashing balls• 2 x LED light spinners• 2 x koosh balls• ABC touch n feel cards• 1 x set of 4 spine balls• 1 x matching sound cubes• 1 x talking ID• 1 x mini rainbow…