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  • The Consortium Fixative

    Colourless fixative for pastels, crayons or charcoal.• Low odour fixative• 400ml

  • Lyra Charcoal Set

    …Leaves clearly visible strokes and blends easily• Ideal for monochrom sketching, drawing and drafting• The use of kneadable eraser and fixative is recommended• Contains 11 pieces: 1 x 6mm natural charcoal stick,1 x pencil Carbon Soft, 1 x pencil carbon hard, 1 x pencil charcoal soft,…

  • Spray Diffuser

    Ideal for applying inks, paints and fixatives in a fine spray.• Pack of 5

  • SIMair Studio Gloo Booth

    …is a health hazard and falls under COSHH 1988 regulations. The Studio Gloo Booth is specifically designed for use with aerosol adhesives and fixatives or other products with relatively large particulate size. The design has a suction fan that draws air through a series of filters creating a positive…