• Fire Action Notice Sign

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Available in 2 sizes• Sold singly

  • Fire Blankets

    Fire blankets are highly effective for fighting fires involving flammable liquids such as cooking oils.• Single piece design for long lasting service• Hinged lid for easy extraction• Large labelling area for maximum impact• Available in 3 sizes• Sold singly

  • Fire Set

    …talkies, fire extinguisher, 1 breathing apparatus and a megaphone. Doll height: 125mm• Fire Fighting Accessories: Complete the Fire Series with these accessories: 2 fire barricades, 2 hoses with nozzles, 4 connecting hoses, 1 four-way connector, 2 fire hydrants, 2 traffic cones and 2 fires.

  • Fire Engine

    This sizeable fire engine has an extending and rotating ladder, removable hose and sides that open for extra storage. The roof section offers access to further storage, also included are 2 ladders, 1 fire hose with nozzle and 2 connecting hoses. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 160mm(w) x 450mm(d) x…

  • Fire Fighters

    This set includes 1 captain and 3 firefighters with 2 axes, 2 walkie talkies, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 breathing apparatus and 1 megaphone. Age: 3 years+.• Doll height: 125mm• Set of 11 pieces

  • Fire Point

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene

  • Fire Point

    • 1.2mm Polpropylene • Available in 2 sizes

  • Fire Extinguisher

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene • Available in 2 Sizes• Sold singly

  • Metal Fire Bucket

    Made from high quality, heavy duty steel with a corrosion resistant epoxy polyester powder coating. • 10 litre capacity• Lid sold separately• Sold singly

  • Fire Extinguisher Covers

    • Full length vision panel• Red and black design• Available in 2 sizes to fit all portable extinguishers

  • Fire Fighting Accessories

    Complete the fire series with these accessories, 2 fire barricades, 2 hoses with nozzles, 4 connecting hoses, 1 four-way connector, 2 fire hydrants, 2 traffic cones and 2 fires. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 15 pieces

  • Dorgard Fire Door Retainer

    A simple, reliable, acoustic device that holds a fire door open in any position and then shuts the door automatically should a fire alarm sound.• Easy foot release and adjustment • Smart unobtrusive design• Size: 195mm(w) x 45mm(d) x 205mm(h)

  • Fire Station and Furniture

    This beautifully crafted fire station is on two levels with a fireman's pole connecting them. At one end there is a working fire-door that will open up to let the fire engine in. Included with the fire station are; 4 lockers, 1 control console, 1 swivel chair, 1 satellite dish, 1 bunk bed, 1 round…

  • Diecast Fire Engine

    This fire engine is made from Diecast metal and plastic parts, complete with siren sounds. Age: 3 years+.• Design may vary• Size: 167mm(l) • Sold singly

  • Circleline Fire Trike

    All bad guys better watch out! The police and the fire marshalls are here. These trikes have room for two little police officers/firefighters and is a natural centre for social activities on the playground. Age: 4 years+.• Size: 590mm(w) x 1010mm(l) x 610mm(h)

  • Fire Engine Rocker

    These rockers facilitate the advancement of children's gross motor skills which are vital for their future mental and physical development, oh and they're lots of fun too! Lovingly crafted from only the finest sustainably sourced materials, this rocker will be an instant hit with the little ones.…

  • Fire Engine Zoomster

    Fitted with durable multi-directional castors, the Zoomster Car can go forwards, backwards, sideways and around with minimum effort so no more getting stuck against tricky obstacles. Small and tidy to be easily stored. Age 18 months+.• Size: 250mm(w) x 450mm(l) x 350mm(h)• Seat height:…

  • Fire Extinguisher Signs

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene • 300mm(l) x 100mm(w)

  • Fire Assembly Point

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Fire Assembly Point 1

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene• Sold singly

  • Fire Assembly Point 2

    • 1.2mm Polypropylene