Fine Line Pens

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  • Berol Colourfine Pens

    page358Long lasting fibre tip pens, particularly suitable for detailed colouring work. Will still work for at least 14 days if the cap is removed.• Washable ink• Line width: 0.6mm

  • The Consortium Fineline Pens

    page83An economical yet great quality fineline pen with finger grips to aid pen control.• 0.3mm line width• Durable nylon tip for fine precise writing• Water-based ink• Available in 6 colours• Box of 10

  • Value Drywipe Pens - Fine

    page97Exceptional value drywipe pens with slim barrels, ideal for small hands.• Fine bullet tip, 0.7mm line width• Ventilated cap• Available in black, blue or assorted packs

  • The Consortium Colour Fine Pens

    page359• Triangular ergonomic comfort grip• Washable ink with up to 14 days cap off time • Ventilated cap• Line width: 0.6mm

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker Pens

    page93• Fine tip permanent pen for precise lines• Ink adheres to most surfaces and dries quickly• Assorted colours

  • Berol D/wipe Pen Fine Tip Blk Pk200

    Slimmer barrelled pens, ideal for use with portable whiteboards.• Black• Available in fine tip 1.0mm line width or broad tip 1.6mm line width• Available in in packs of 200

  • Berol D/wipe Pen Fine Tip Blk Pk192

    page96Slimmer barrelled pens, ideal for use with portable whiteboards. A new barrel colour design and new 192 pack size!• Black• Available in fine tip 1.0mm line width or broad tip 1.6mm line width• Available in two pack sizes, pack of 12 and new pack size of 192

  • Crayola Washable Colouring Pens

    page361• Unique conical nib, allowing fine and broad lines to be drawn• Assorted colours

  • Berol Colour Fabric Pen

    …designs on most natural and man-made fabrics. The brush like tip gives fine lines when using the tip and broad lines when used at an acute angle. Designs are fixed by allowing to dry for 5 minutes, covering with a clean cloth and ironing for 1-2 minutes.• Pack of 12 assorted colour pens

  • BIC® Velleda Drywipe Pen

    Low odour bullet fine tip marker with blocked tip which will not bend or retract under pressure.• Acrylic tip, line width 1.5mm• Available in black pack of 24 and an assorted colour pack of 72• Assorted colour pack of 72 in 8 colours, complete with tray comprising of 12 sections (see…

  • BIC® Velleda 1721 Drywipe Pen

    page100Low odour fine bullet tip marker with a strong tip that will not bend or retract under pressure.• Acrylic tip, line width of 1.5mm• Available in an assorted pack of 8 or black in a classpack of 200• Assorted pack of 8: 1 each of black, light blue, dark blue, red, green, purple, brown and…

  • Standard GCSE Art Pack

    …A2 Plastic Portfolio• Coloured Pencils Set• Gouache Paints Set• Sketching Pencils 6B-B• Putty Rubber• Metal Pencil Sharpener• A4 Hardback Sketchbook• Watercolour Paints Set• Oil Pastels Set• Paint Brush Pack• Fine Line Pen• Pritt Glue Stick

  • A-Level/Diploma Studentpack

    …art students.Pack contains:• A2 Plastic Portfolio• Coloured Pencils Set• Watercolour Assorted Pack• Soft pastels• Acrylic Paint Tube• Paint Brush Pack• A4 Hardback Sketchbook• Charcoal Grey Pack• Fine Line Pens• Pritt Glue Stick• Putty Rubber

  • Pilot G-207 Retractable Gel Rollerball

    page82Retractable gel pen with a tungsten carbide tip for precise, blob-free writing and a contoured rubber grip for comfort.• High grade spring for repeated use • Economical and environmentally friendly• Fine point of 0.7mm, with a line width of 0.39mm• Available in black, blue,…

  • Crocodile Wall Panel

    …manipulative activities to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.Includes: percussive instruments, a mirror, magnetic pen and ball followers, various mazes and threading activities, rotational pieces and a slotted line followers and interlocking cogs. Age: 12 months+.• Each piece…