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  • Pedestal Fan

    page1617• 3 speed settings• Oscillating and tilt action head• Fully guarded plastic blades• White• Whisper quiet operation• Height adjustable• Size: 400mm

  • 3 Speed Desk Fans

    page1617• 3 speed settings• Oscillating head• Fully guarded blades• White• Carry handle• Whisper quiet operation

  • Pedestal Tower Fan

    page1617• 3 speed settings• Oscillating head• White• 2 hour variable timer with LED display• Integral carry handle• Non scratch rubber feet• Size: 443mm(w) x 466mm(d) x 817mm(h)

  • Paper Fans

    page475With natural wooden frames these plain paper fans are ideal for decorating with crayons, fibre tip pens, paint and a variety of craft materials. The paper fans are perfect for imaginative play or just for decoration.• Size: folded 250mm(h) x 25mm(w), open 400mm widest• Pack of 12

  • Letter Fan

    …choice of letters has been carefully made to achieve maximum use. Single letters can be used in initial, final and medial partitions and the fan also includes leaves with consonant digraphs 'sh', 'ff' and 'll'. A range of consonant clusters and vowel digraphs can easily be created by selecting…

  • Motor Fan Module

    …a safe speed. The direction and speed of the rotation depends upon its Voltage and polarity to the Battery module. • Robust low inertia Motor Fan module for use with the BrightSparks4kids Electricity Kits• Operating Voltage 1.5 - 6VDC• Connections made by two polarised 4mm plug in…

  • Compact Fan Heater

    page1616• 2 heat settings 1000W/2000W• Power indicator light• Adjustable thermostat thermal automatic cut-out• Overheating protection • Standing or flat design • Size: 270mm(w) x 520mm(d) x 650mm(h)

  • Teacher Number Fans

    page873Two sets of numbers 0-9 (and decimal point) big enough for the whole class to see. Can be used as one set of 21 digits plus decimal point or two sets of 10 digits plus decimal points.• Size: 230mm• Pack of 2

  • Pupil Money Fans

    page888Current British coins arranged in a simple, easy to hold swatch. Printed on tough plastic for durability.• 1 x £2, 1 x £1, 1 x 50p, 2 x 20p, 1 x 10p, 2 x 5p, 2 x 2p, 1x 1p• Pack of 10

  • Pupil Fraction Fans

    page878Featuring the fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 3/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12. • Pack of 10

  • Ladybird Set

    A fabulous set consisting of some of our most popular ladybird items. Giant lady bird, pupil ladybird fans, teacher lady bird fan, ladybird booklet, ladybird dice and magnetic counting ladybirds. Perfect for encouraging early years numeracy skills.

  • Daewoo 28L Combination Microwave

    page1691• Capacity: 28 litres• 10 power levels• 900W microwave/1300W grill/1950W Oven• Fan assisted double heating convection system• Stainless steel• Size: 513mm(w) x 401mm(d) x 311mm(h)

  • Beko Twin Cavity Electric Cooker

    page1690• 50cm double cavity electric cooker• 53ltr Electric fan oven• 2 Shelves• Separate grill and oven compartments (twin cavity)• Four sealed hob plates• Energy rating A+• White• Size: 500mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 900mm(h)

  • K'NEX Intro to Simple Machines: Gears

    page977 page988Explore gearing up and gearing down with a fan, and find out how different types of gears are used in everyday objects. • Builds 7 models (1 at a time); egg beater, blender, chainsaw, record player, crank fan, car window and exercise bike• Models demonstrate spur gear, crown…

  • Hovercraft Kit

    page934 page999This exciting project is one of the simplest forms of hovercraft, comprising of a fan and motor for lifting, a chamber in which the air is formed and a wide skirted base to provide stability. • Detailed instructions included• Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

  • Sure Shot 645 Original Gooseneck Basketball System

    Galvanised steel, and weather resistant.• Fan shaped polypropylene backboard: 1350mm(w) x 1150mm(h)• 18" (450mm) solid steel powder coated ring with net• Din 4 hole pattern 4.5" x 3.5" (110mm x 90mm)• Heavy duty zinc coated post (114mm x 4.5mm)• 48" gooseneck extension•…

  • GoCabby Tablet Storage Case

    …Supportive foam and velcro straps• Intelligent charging recognises and provides the required power for your device• Updatable firmware• Internal cooling fans means lid can be closed during use• Lockable lid• 2 castors• Size: 485mm(w) x 400mm(d) x 795mm(h)

  • Mini Electricity Kit

    …electricity kit containing nine essential components and an in-depth teaching guide. Contains:• 3 x battery holders• 2 x bulbs• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor fan• 1 x toggle switch• 1 x push switch• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 6 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM• Supplied in a sturdy storage box

  • Beginners Electricity Kit

    page944A great value set of 18 component modules, ideal for group work.Contains:• 5 x battery holders• 5 x bulbs• 2 x buzzers• 2 x motor fans• 2 x toggle switches• 2 x push switches• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 10 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM• Supplied in a sturdy storage box

  • Eco Electricity Kit

    page944Learn basic circuit creation with this eco kit, ideal for pair work.Contains:• 3 x battery holders• 2 x bulbs• 1 x buzzer• 1 x motor fan• 1 x toggle switch• 2 x crocodile adapter clips• 6 x stacker leads• 1 x teacher guide CD-ROM

  • SIMair Studio Gloo Booth

    …specifically designed for use with aerosol adhesives and fixatives or other products with relatively large particulate size. The design has a suction fan that draws air through a series of filters creating a positive flow of air away from the operator thus protecting the breathing zone. Lay artwork…