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  • White Cotton Squares

    Perfect for fabric design, fabric painting, screen printing and many decoration projects.• 100% Cotton• Size: 150mm x 150mm• Pack of 50

  • Cotton Printing Fabric

    Prepared for printing. Does not require washing prior to printing as the cloth does not contain dressing.• Size: 1220mm x 1m

  • Calico - Bleached

    100% cotton, robust versatile fabric. Ideal for printing and dyeing.• Bleached• 1370mm(w)• Approximately 5m but size may vary

  • Stranded Multicoloured Cotton

    A wonderful thread to create incredible effects in creative embroidery pieces. The threads are randomly dyed in different colours so that when stitching, the colours change without having to change thread colours.• Pack of 12 skeins

  • Landscape Fabric Pack

    This great value fabric pack is ideal for adding depth and dimension to any display. Ideal as a blank canvas or for draping. Each pack comes with seven additional fabrics to add texture. Create 3-dimensional tree roots and earth life for a forest scene. Use the fabric pack for group work display…

  • Landscape Super Swag

    Swag contains one metre of 60 different yarns.• Contains shade of pink, beige and green

  • Stripe Fabric

    Brightly coloured poly cotton fabrics with a bold stripe design. • Size: 1050mm(w)• Pack of 6 x 1m lengths

  • Crystal Organza

    Fabulous lightweight gauzy fabric with a crystal sheen on its surface which catches the light. Superb resource for a number of creative textile and display applications.• Size: 1500mm(w) x 2m(l)

  • Fur Fabric

    Eight lengths of top quality fur fabric, suitable for small toys, collage and craft projects. Variety of colours, patterns and pile lengths.• Size: 250mm x 1500mm• Pack of 8

  • Fabric Off-Cuts

    A fabulous assortment of fabric offcuts that can be used for collage, textiles and art/craft projects. Ideal for use with all ages and abilities.• Colours and sizes may vary• 250g bag

  • Coloured Net

    Suitable for many textile, craft and collage applications.• Assorted colours• Size: 500mm(w) x 1050mm(l)• Pack of 14

  • Value A4 Felt Rectangles

    Great value budget pack of felt. A great classroom resource ideal for textiles and collage work.• Size: 210mm x 300mm• Pack of 100

  • Rainbow Fabric

    Lovely soft non-fray fabric that drapes beautifully and has a fantastic shimmering holographic rainbow design.• Size: 1500mm(w) x 1m(l)

  • Image Transfer Medium

    …easily transfer printed or photocopied images and text from paper to fabric. Simply coat the paper with transfer medium, press the paper on to the fabric and leave it to dry. Once dry remove the paper, leaving the image on the fabric. Full instructions on each bottle.• 500ml• Sold singly

  • Spot Fabric

    Brightly coloured poly cotton fabrics with a bold spot design.• Size: 1050mm(w)• Pack of 6 x 1m lengths

  • Blue Print Fabric

    An innovative "Cyanotype Fabric" that allows design of all kinds to be exposed directly onto the fabric.• Simply place the design onto your fabric, these may include leaves, flowers, lace, acetate drawings, positive, negative films etc• Expose to sunlight for 10-20 minutes and then rinse…

  • Calico - Unbleached

    100% cotton, robust versatile fabric. Ideal for printing and dyeing.• Unbleached• 1500mm(w)• Approximately 5m but size may vary

  • Super Value Metallic Fabric

    Great value pack of metallic fabrics in a range of vibrant colours and textures. Ideal for textile projects and displays.• Size: 1m(l) x assorted widths• Pack of 8

  • Needles

    Assorted pack containing 233 needles in total.• 2 packs Sharps 3/9 • 5 packs Sharps 5/10 • 5 packs Crewel 5/10• 1 pack Darners 14/18• 1 pack Tapestry 18/24

  • Super Value Fabric Pack

    A fantastic super value selection of 6 exciting fabrics to use for art, craft, textiles and display projects.• Size: 1.5m(l) x assorted widths• Pack of 6

  • Camouflage Fabric 4 X 1.5m Each

    These camouflage sheets are ideal for creating dens and role play scenes both inside and out.