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  • Black and White Wiggly Eyes

    The finishing touch to models and collage projects.• Non self-adhesive• Round black eyes• Size: 7mm, 10mm and 15mm dia.• Pack of 200 approx.

  • Peel and Stick Wiggly Eyes

    Easy and fuss free, just peel off from the backing and stick.• Contains: 48 eyes x 7mm dia., 28 eyes x 10mm dia., 26 eyes x 12mm dia., 23 eyes x 15mm dia.• Available in black or assorted colours• Pack of 125 eyes on 4 sheets

  • Wiggly Eyes Stack Pack 560

    This stack pack of wiggly eyes will keep your different sized wiggly eyes in size order.• Non self-adhesive• Size: Round 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm and oval 20mm dia.• Pack 560

  • Coloured Self-Adhesive Wiggly Eyes

    • 15mm dia.• Pack of 60

  • Eyes on a Roll

    These self adhesives eyes are great for craft projects. • Black and white• 12mm dia.• Roll of 1000 eyes

  • Cross Section Eye Model

    Reinforce life science lessons with this hands-on model that separates into two halves - one with labels and the other with letters for self-checking or assessment. Features cornea, iris, pupil, retina, lens, optic nerve, vitreous humor, sclera, choroid, macula, ciliary muscle, optic disc and…

  • Wiggly Eyes Bumper Pack

    Plenty of colours, sizes and designs to help with the finishing touches to models and collage projects.• Peel and Stick• Assorted sizes and designs• Pack of 1000

  • Coloured Eye Stickers

    A selection of coloured eye stickers that can be used for a range of art and craft activities. Use on paper or card, wooden spoons, wooden craft sticks, pom poms, polystyrene spheres etc. to enhance your craft creations. Age: 3 years+.• Assorted designs• Roll of 2000

  • Wiggly Eyes Assorted Pack

    Giant classroom pack of assorted wiggly eyes.• Size: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm dia.• Colours: black and white, coloured and painted eye lashes• Pack of 500

  • Coloured Wiggly Eyes

    The finishing touch to models and collage projects.• Size: 10mm, 12mm and 15mm diameters• Pack of 100

  • Coloured Wiggly Eyes Stack Pack

    This stack pack of assorted colour wiggly eyes will keep your different sized wiggly eyes in order. Each different size is housed in a separate stackable container.• Size: Round 5mm, 7mm, 15mm and oval 20mm dia.• Pack of 560

  • Eye Scope

    The Eye Scope allows you to look at anything from fibres to flowers through this 60x magnifying hand-held digital microscope with docking base that easily connects to your computer with the USB lead.• 60x magnification• Extension cable to increase range to 3.7m • Includes…

  • Eye Pod Station

    This eye pod station is easily recognisable in an emergency and can be fixed to a wall.• Complete with 10 x 20ml sterile saline solution eye pods, two eye pad dressings and a mirror for easy application• Size: 330mm(w) x 25mm(d) x 245mm(h)

  • Eye Protection Goggles

    Adult size compact and lightweight goggles with a tough polycarbonate lens offering high resistance to impact from flying particles.• Vented body • PVC frame • Not suitable for use with chemicals• Approved to BS EN166-1B• Sold singly

  • Junior Eye Shield

    Specifically designed for use within the science laboratory, ideal for pupil use.• Suitable for use over glasses• Sold singly

  • Uni-Ball Eye Rollerball

    Smooth writing rollerball pen• Consistent ink flow• Vivid coloured ink• Assorted colours: 1 each of black, green and violet• Pack of 3• Pack of 3

  • Evolution Eye Wash Kit 2x500ml Oval

    • Contents: 2 x 500ml sterile eye wash solution, 2 x sterile eye pads dressing, 1 x wall mounting bracket

  • Eye Pad 7.5x7.5cm Bandage Pk 10

    Soft, absorbent protective wound dressing, complete with bandage, comes in three sizes and as an eye pad.

  • Trudy Flower Eye Seat 320x355x320 Rd

    Designed to be used on their own or grouped together these seats are ideal for libraries, reading corners or in relaxation spaces.The flower seating is specifically designed for reception and early years and is made up of 6 individual seats all available in a choice of vinyl colours.•…

  • Soft Foam Cross Section Eye Model

    Realistic and detailed models let students examine the human body. Each model separates into halves, one with labels, the other with letters for self-checking or assessment (heart features labels only.) Age: 7+.• Each model includes an activity guide• Sold singly

  • Sterile Eyewash

    Provides relief for irritation and discomfort to the eye. Also suitable for cleansing wounds before dressing.• 500ml bottle• Sold singly