• Matching Feelings and Emotions

    These bright and sturdy cards are printed with real life photos of various feelings and emotions, featuring a variety of ages, male and female and different ethnic backgrounds. There are 2 each of 28 photos so children can play Matching Pairs. Photos depict a variety of common feelings and…

  • Mood Mates

    …recognize emotions, name feelings, develop observation skills and imagination while creating stories of emotional change. The cushion toys demonstrate 3 types of emotions (joy, sadness and anger), 9 of the cards show an emotion, 3 show a sequence of emotions and 3 show situations of emotional

  • Miss Face

    Complete with 22 hook and loop fastened attachable pieces so that you can change the way she looks. Give her a happy, sad or funny face and add hair and jewellery too! A fun way to learn about emotions, feelings and facial expressions. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 500mm x 700mm

  • Emotions Puzzles

    This set of emotions tray puzzles clearly illustrate the different facial expressions depicting different feelings. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 210mm(w) x 290mm(h)• Set of 6

  • Social and Emotional Fix

    An activity programme to support the social and emotional needs of children. Contains five intervention programmes, each lasting for eight sessions. The activities aim to give children a repertoire of social problem solving strategies in order to help them feel competent, successful and significant…

  • Emotions Photographs

    These photographs are a great tool for children to learn to articulate their feelings and are particularly helpful for those children with English as a foreign language.• Size: 210mm x 140mm• Pack includes 22 cards and a resource guide

  • Emotions Fishing

    This magnetic fishing game teaches emotion recognition, dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination and can be used on a table or in a water tray. The magnetic rods pick up the faces which have 6 different emotions. Three of each emotional expressions of happy, sad, angry, upset, worried and surprised in…

  • Emotions Learning Cards

    Learning cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic principles, lessons and skills.• Card size: 140mm(w) x 210mm(h)• Set of 22• Includes resource guide

  • Transition Kit

    …change. These will be enriched by the tactile products that will promote the sharing of emotions and concerns that children feel at times of change. Age: 3 years+.Contains:• Let’s Talk Behaviour book• Jumbo Emotion Stones• Speaking, Thinking and Listening with Dogum• Owl Babies Wooden Character…

  • Emotions Chart

    This emotions poster shows 18 different emotions and is a great visual for children to talk about their feelings.• Resource guide (on the back)• Size: 430mm x 560mm

  • Emotions Puppets

    …for developing communication skills and empathy. Through recognising their emotions, children can understand and handle their reactions more easily. Each puppet expresses a different emotion – joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and no emotion. Age: 3 years+.• Puppet size: 250mm• Set of 6

  • Build Me Emotions Set

    Build Me "Emotions" invites preschoolers to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. As children collaborate on a range of character-building experiences, they recognise feelings and identify similarities and differences. Building cards provide support and inspiration…

  • Feelings and Emotions Cards

    …time on the reverse. Story starters on the reverse will encourage thinking and development in key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a diverse range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness.These cards are great for:• Discussing how other…

  • Emotions Rect Carpet 3000x2000mm

    …carpets will brighten up any classroom or nursery. Made with a high quality pile which is hard-wearing, yet soft textured for comfort. 12 different emotions help children to explore and manage feelings and behaviour. Perfect for promoting PSE Development and supporting Communication, Language and…

  • Emotions Photo Board

    • Take learning outside with our new range of outdoor learning boards• Each poster is made from 3mm foamex board and has pre-drilled holes for mounting• All boards are weather resistant, will not fade and are fully waterproof• Each board features bright, colourful picture images…

  • Emotions Photo Board Set

  • Emotions Learning Set

  • Emotions Cushion Pack One Sided

    …cushions feature different emotions/feelings/expressions to encourage group discussion. They are wipe clean, soft to the touch and each cushion has emotion faces printed on one side. The children can have fun learning personal, social and health education. Also usable as stepping stones or simply as…

  • Wooden Emotions Masks Set Of 6

    This set of wooden multicultural expression masks are ideal for both group and individual role play or could be used for discussions. The masks are made from tropical hardwood and are hand painted. Age: 4 years+.• Size: 290mm x 170mm• Set of 6

  • Emotion Cubes

    Help students learn to recognise and discuss different emotions with these cubes, including six real-life faces expressing different emotions, while the other two cubes are printed with emotion words. It is also a great tool for teaching everyday vocabulary to EAL (English as an additional language)…

  • Emotion Pebbles

    These tactile stones are engraved with faces showing emotions that young children most readily identify and experience including; happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, confused, bored, calm, proud, shy and embarrassed. Suitable to be used outdoors and in sand and water.• Cast from…