Drinking Straws

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  • Straws

    • Plastic drinking straws• Assorted colours • Straw length: 205mm• Box of 1000

  • Bendy Straws

    • Flexible striped plastic drinking straws• Assorted colours• Straw length: 203mm• Box of 250

  • Straws Plastic Pack Of 1000

    Blue disposable cups are ideal for use with water coolers.The slim line plastic drinking straws are available in an assortment of colours.• Cup capacity: 199ml (7oz)• Cups supplied in packs of 1,500• Straw length: 205mm• Straws are supplied in boxes of 1,000

  • Silly Straws Challenge

    Student design and prototype a silly straws holder for Frothy Fruit's travelling drinks stalls. Age: 9+.• 1 teacher guide including• Photocopiable worksheets,• Homework activity and• Assessment tool• 6 student activity books• 100 pipe cleaners• 50 straight straws• 1 roll of foil• 100 index cards• 1…