Drawing Paper

  • The Consortium Cartridge Paper

    page342The Consortium Cartridge Paper is ideal for use with pencil, coloured pencils, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels and oil pastels.

  • Aristo Drawing Cart A4 170gsm Pk250

    page342Market leading drawing cartridge suitable for pencil, coloured pencils, calligraphy, technical pens, charcoal, pastels, air brush and oil pastels. The white sheets are uncoated with high opacity providing an excellent all round paper which is very robust.

  • Recycled Cartridge Paper

    page342Good quality cartridge paper with a creamy tone. An ideal choice if you are trying to use more recycled product.• 130gsm

  • Drawing Paper A1 100sh Off White

    page327Good value for money, heavy quality sugar paper.

  • Paper Junior Art 457x229m 86gsm

    page325Excellent value for money art paper that is suitable for both powder and liquid colour.• Off-white (due to the recycled content of this sheet)• Supplied in either reams of 500 sheets or a roll of 229 metres

  • Large Format Drawing Paper

    page325Superb quality cardstock in large sheet format. An excellent medium for drawing, posters and other artwork.• 125gsm• Size: 500mm x 700mm• Pack of 100 sheets, 10 of each colour

  • Drawing Paper A1 100sh Off White

    page327Good value for money, heavy quality sugar paper.

  • Consortium Drawing Pins Pk500

    …it easy to retrieve as required. The range consists of:• Assorted colour and sized rubber bands, assorted drawing pins, assorted colour paperclips, large plain paperclip and paper fasteners• Deskbox Size: 85mm(w) x 45mm(d) x 120mm(h)• Sold singly or as a Multi-buy pack of 5 comprising…

  • White Cartridge Paper Roll

    page342This inexpensive large format, bright white drawing paper is perfect for smaller groups and nurseries. • 80gsm• Size: A2 - 594mmx 420mm• Pack of 25 sheets

  • White Sugar Paper Stack

    page326A great assortment of lightweight white drawing paper in 3 different sizes.• Sizes: 500 x A2 sheets, 750 x A3 sheets and 1500 x A4 sheets• Pack of 2750 sheets in total

  • Construction Paper School Stack

    page324A stunning assortment of 2400 sheets of quality construction paper.This pack contains:• 300 sheets in black and white• 250 sheets in yellow, red, green and blue• 200 sheets in sky blue• 150 sheets in orange and violet• 100 sheets in brown, pink and magenta (all…

  • Bemiss Mounting Paper Asst Pk100

    page316These handy pads of paper enable A4 work to be mounted with minimum effort. Draw directly on the paper or mount work to fit into the frames.• Assorted colours: 25 sheets each of flame red, canary yellow, emerald green and rich blue• Size: 350mm x 250mm (to fit A4 work)• Pack of…

  • Strathmore Sketch/Drawing Art Pads

    300 Series: This lightweight sketch paper is suited for classroom experimentation, practice of techniques, or quick studies with any dry media.Great for use with graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal and sketching stick. Wire bound pad with micro-perforated sheets.• Fine tooth surface

  • 3D Spiral Book

    page345Perfect for collage or mixed media work. The large spiral allows layers to be built up within the book.• 140gsm drawing cartridge paper• 40 sheets• Size: A4 - 297mm x 210mm• Sold singly

  • Graduate Eco Soft Cover Sketch Book

    page343The Eco stapled sketchbooks are ideal for drawing and sketching • 160gsm acid-free paper• 40 pages• Sold singly

  • 5 Drawer Plan Chest

    page1282Mobile 5 drawer plan chest, each draw store up to A1 size paper.• Size: 1010mm(w) x 710mm(d) x 750mm(h)• Drawer depth 50mm• Choice of carcass finishes: beech, maple, oak, grey and white

  • Big Green Recycled Sketch Pads

    page345The ideal sketch pad for children, art students and artists alike. Can be used for a wide range from mark making to sketching and technical drawing.• 100gsm recycled cartridge paper• 40 sheets per pad• Size: 243mm x 316mm• Pack of 6

  • Canvas Boards

    page400This 100% cotton canvas has been double primed and applied to a sturdy backing board with acid free adhesive.• Medium grained and ready to use with oils and acrylics• Sold singly

  • Canvas Frames

    Create your own masterpiece with these easy to assemble canvas frames.• 100% recyclable• A4 or A5 packs• Pack of 30

  • Extra Large Canvas

    page400Extra large primed and stretched cotton canvas on a wooden frame. Ideal for both oil and acrylic paints.• Size: 700mm x 1000mm

  • Stretch Canvas

    page400Our rectangular canvases are available in four sizes, and are primed and stretched over a wooden frame ready for painting. The two larger sizes come complete with wedges to further stretch the frame if necessary. The largest size features a centre brace across the frame to increase rigidity.…