Document Holder

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  • Soft Pack Document Holder

    • Eyelet hanging point for secure fixing• A4• Size: 270mm(w) x 335mm(h)• Sold singly

  • Equality Card Holder 262x319mm Pk100

    Ideal for filing, storing and protecting small to A4+ pieces of project/folio work. A multitude of applications.• Clear, durable, top opening folder• Size: 262mm x 319mm• Available in 2 pack sizes

  • Document Wallets Full Flap

    Full flap manilla documents wallets.• Foolscap: 345mm(w) x 238mm(h) • 315gsm• Available in single colours or as an assorted box• Box of 50• Assorted box contains: 10 each of green, blue, yellow, red and pink

  • Document Wallet Bulk Pack Pink

    Foolscap manilla half flap document wallets. • Size: 345mm(w) x 238mm(h)• 225gsm• Available in single colours• Box of 50

  • Document Wallets - Full Flap

    • Wallets with a full flap pocket• Foolscap size, 315gsm manilla• Box of 50

  • The Consortium Document Wallets Half Flap

    • Half flap manilla document wallets• Foolscap size, 285gsm manilla• Box of 50

  • Security Popper Wallet Pk5

    A uniquely camouflaged popper wallet gives you instant privacy by making small text on documents unreadable from any distance. Large titles can still be seen at short distance enabling you to easily identify the wallet's content.• Durable security printed design• Foolscap: 354mm(w) x 241mm(h)•…

  • Transfer Folder

    Two transfer prongs and corresponding coil springs create a bridge for sorting filed papers, a compressor bar holds contents firmly in place, suitable for A4 and Foolscap paper.• Size: 229mm(w) x 350mm(h)• 270gsm • Pack of 25

  • Square Cut Folders

    Foolscap manilla square cut folders in a choice of colours. Ideal for loose papers.• 180gsm manilla• Size: 229mm(w) x 350mm(h)• Available in single or assorted colours• Assorted pack colours: 20 each of blue, green, yellow, orange and pink• Pack of 100

  • School Record Folder

    Pre-printed with relevant information for collating and recording of personal and achievement details.• Foolscap size• Pack of 10

  • Value Square Cut Files

    Value for money foolscap files.• Buff manilla• 180gsm• Size: 229mm(w) x 350mm(h)• Box of 100

  • Zip Wallets 485x340mm Green Pk25

    • Size: 485mm x 340mm - to fit A3 size documents• Pack of 25

  • Zip Wallets 325 X 230mm Blue Pack 25

    • Size: 325mm x 230mm - to fit A4 size documents• Pack of 25

  • Karnival Box Files

    …secure • Lid clip ensures firm box closure • Finger ring for easy shelf retrieval • Extra wide for comfortable storage of foolscap size document wallets • Box of 5 single colours, or an assorted box of 5 • Assorted box contains: 1 each of blue, green, violet, yellow and red

  • Karnival Box Files

    …contents secure • Lid clip ensures firm box closure • Finger ring for easy shelf retrieval • Extra wide for comfortable storage of foolscap size document wallets • Box of 5 in blue, or an assorted box of 5• Assorted box contains: 1 of each blue, green, violet, yellow and red

  • Zippi Bag

    …transparent colours - blue and purple. With a metal zip closure they are suitable for a large number of documents; useful at home, office and school.• Metal zip closure that are suitable for a large number of documents• A4+ (370mm x 255mm)• Pack of 25 contains 13 blue and 12 purple

  • Box File Special Offer

    High quality, laminated finish box file suitable for storing A4 and foolscap documents available with two different accessories.• Stores approximately 500 sheets of 80gsm paper• Finger ring for easy shelf retrieval• Large write-on labels• Colour coded for instant identification and ease of…

  • The Consortium Project-Presentation Files

    …A4 documents available in co-ordinated colours, enabling you to organise your areas of activity as well as enhancing the presentation of your desk, classroom or office environment. • Value for money, versatile and easy to use• Translucent front cover • Full length label holder •…

  • A4 Register Folder

    A4 PVC covered folder ideal for transferring office-classroom register documents.• Front label sleeve• Corner pocket on inside cover• Clip and pen holder• 4 durable clear pockets• Choice of 2 colours, inside cover is black• Sold singly