• The Consortium Dinosaur Counters

    A set of dinosaur counters supplied in a plastic container. Age: 3 years+.• Average size: 50mm(h) • Set of 128 pieces in 6 colours and 8 dinosaurs

  • Jumbo Animals Dinosaurs

    …detailed plastic Jumbo Dinosaurs. Set of toy dinosaurs includes both parent and child models. Dinosaurs are ideally sized for little hands and will develop speech and language skills through role play. Ideal for solo or group play.• Features six dinosaurs• Largest model measures 255mm(h),…

  • Counting Dino Sorters

    …hands-on, dinosaur themed sorting activity set supports a variety of early maths skills such as colour recognition, matching, sorting and counting within young learners. Age 3 years+. • Set includes: 10 x two-piece, plastic dinosaur eggs numbered 1-10, 55 x Back in Time Dinosaur counters and…

  • Discovery Dinosaur Bones

    Guaranteed to inspire and excite, bury them in sand or soil, place them in a water tray or leave them outside to be discovered. They will appeal to children's natural instincts to investigate, sort, order and compare. Age: 2 years+.• 4 different lengths ranging from 60mm-120mm• Set of 12

  • Giant Octoplay

    …or inside – it is extremely durable but also light. Age: 3 years+.• Individual size: 240mm diameter• Set of 20 can make models like a man, dinosaur, dog, flower, horse, plane or fish• Set of 40 can construct larger models or two simple models at the same time• Set of 80 can build larger, more…

  • Dinosaur Measure Activity Cards

    …so this set provides the perfect opportunity to develop and practice descriptive language.The activity cards are designed for use alongside the dinosaur bones and will encourage children to match, count, compare, order and measure the bones as they discover. Made from durable PVC the cards are tough…

  • Digging Claws

    Children will love to put on these glove like claws and become transformed into dinosaur excavators or simply play with sand in a different way. Age: 18 months+.• Size: 185mm x 125mm• Set of 20 claws in 5 different designs

  • Jungle Themed Tuff Tray Insert

    …jungle themed tuff tray insert can be used for a range of imaginative and role play activities. Add t-rex, stegosaurus and some bark to create a dinosaur park or use mini trees with lions and elephants to explore safari!• Made from durable 100% polyester• Size: 880mm(w)• Tray not included• Designed…

  • Dotty Dinosaurs

    Match shapes and colours as you help the dotty dinosaurs to find their missing spots. The double sided boards allow for either shape or colour matching. Age: 3 years+.• 2-4 players• Box Size: 220mm x 225mm x 50mm

  • Jumbo Dinosaurs

    Set includes tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and raptor and all are made of durable plastic. Age: 3 years+.• Largest dinosaur (brachiosaurus) measures 250mm(l) x 240mm(h)• Set of 5

  • Dinosaur

    Scale embossed polyester velour fabric with zip front fastening. Licensed by the Natural History Museum. Age: 3-5 years.

  • Schleich Dinosaurs Pk7

    This set includes: t-rex, dinogorgon, psittacosaurus, brachiosaurus, oviraptor, velociraptor and dimetrodon. Age: 3 years+.• Largest animal (brachiosaurus) measures 243mm(w) x 13mm(d) x 19mm(h)• Set of 7 pieces• Contents may vary

  • Dinosaurs Chalkboard Set Of 4 W75

    Fun, versatile and colourful - our chalkboard designs come in all different shapes and sizes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they inspire children to be creative and imaginative, whilst encouraging writing and drawing development. Perfect for promoting expression and supporting learning.• Made…

  • Dinosaur Stencils

    Dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, Dimetrodon and Brontosaurus• Size: 140mm x 150mm• Pack of 6

  • Dinosaur Sponges

    Great for making pictures and ideal for small hands.• Pack of 9

  • Dinosaur Shape Pack

    An exciting pack of 35 pre-cut card dinosaur shapes ideal for decorating and creating displays.• Size: 125mm - 300mm• Ideas booklet and instructions included• Pack of 35

  • Dinosaur Drying Rack

    Drying rack made from birch plywood. Designed to hold A4 paper.• Elephant- 26 drying racks • Giraffe and Dinosaur - 25 drying racks • Double sided storage shelves for art supplies

  • Dinosaur Paint Stampers

    • Size: 76mm(dia.)• Pack of 14

  • Consortium Dinosaur Tub

    These value for money play sets are ideal to stimulate and engage children. Available in 5 different habitats, these sets will allow children to explore using their imagination and connect with their environments. Packaged in a handy clear plastic tub which can also be used for sorting and counting.…

  • Dinosaur Toy Box Desk

    With over 5 litres of storage space, these giant toy boxes have tons of room for toys. The innovative design means that the toy box is also a fully functional desk, which is ideal for crafts, reading or play. The safety hinges support the lid at any angle, preventing it from accidentally closing.…

  • Lets Investigate Dinosaur Ftprints

    Children will enjoy making crayon rubbings, impressions in play dough, footprint trails and comparing the different shapes of the footprints. Each double-sided stone has the raised footprint of an animal on one side and an image of the animal indented into the other side.• Made from a unique…