Craft Resources

  • Magnetic Creatures Collage Pack

    page322Children will have great fun creating with these magnetic shapes. The pack comes with 30 shapes and an exciting pack of collage resources for them to create, design and decorate with. Feathers, sequins, glitter paper, gems, paper shapes, felt and fabric pieces.• Size: 150mm x 180mm…

  • Coloured Craft Cotton

    page444Top quality craft cotton/acrylic mix yarn in 10 gloriously rich colours. Soft lustrous texture which is perfect for knitting, threading, creative crafts and textile projects.• 50g each• Pack of 10

  • Craft Knives Pack 5

    page984Great value, plastic-handled trimming knives.• Pack of 5

  • Angel Malma Craft Packs

    Designed to engage the imagination, these items can be decorated in different ways: with watercolours, oils, pastels, crayons, felt-tips, glitters and découpage. Ideal for themed activities, each pack contains 12 of the same shape ready for decorating.• Fully recyclable• Made from 100% eco…

  • Christmas Craft Compendium

    page471 page978An ideal pack to cater for all Christmas art and craft needs. Packed in a convenient Gratnells tray with lid.Pack contains:• Sequins, glitter and festive pom-poms, seasonal tones metallic tissue paper, silver and gold glitter, white and red shredded Art Kraft®, red and green…

  • Craft Sticks Pack Of 1000

    page477 page991Useful construction material which can be painted or glued.• Available in natural or assorted colours• Includes ideas leaflet• Size: 11mm(w) x 115mm(l)• Pack of 1000

  • Jumbo Coloured Craft Sticks Pk 500

    page477 page991Useful construction material which can be glued.• Assorted colours• Size: 18mm(w) x 150mm(l)• Pack of 500

  • Bulk Value Resource Pack - Snow World

    page486Create your own winter wonderland with this fantastic Snow World resource pack.Pack contains:• 3 x snow stencil sheet featuring 6 shapes• 2 x snow blanket 900mm x 2.44m(l)• 2 x icicle garland• 2 x bag of glitter snow polystyrene balls 30g• 3 x can of snow spray 150ml• 4 x bag of fluffy snow…

  • Artbox Storage Units

    page427 page1203 page1307 These mobile Artboxes are great for storing all your art and craft resources. Both units are supplied with a mix of shallow and deep clear Gratnells trays and the top of each has been sectioned into either 6 or 4 bays making everything easy to access.• Beech•…

  • Plain and Patterned Fabric Squares

    page434Supplied in two packs, plain or patterned fabric squares for use in a wide variety of Art, Craft and Textile based projects. Extremely versatile resource packs.• Size: 230mm x 230mm• Packs of 25

  • 100% Fine Bleached Cotton

    • A general purpose fabric ideal for many craft uses• Size: 910mm x 1m

  • Sorting Dishes

    page563 page857Colourful dishes to complement any sorting activity and will also be a useful addition to art and craft activities as dipping dishes for sponge painting.• Content not included• Colours may vary• Pack of 6

  • Silly Straws Challenge

    …Homework activity and• Assessment tool• 6 student activity books• 100 pipe cleaners• 50 straight straws• 1 roll of foil• 100 index cards• 1 ball of string• 150 craft sticks• 24 silly straws• 10 felt pieces• 1 roll of masking tape• 6 large ziptop plastic bags• 200 sticky notes• Gratnells storage tray

  • Tree Frame Cards

    page495Decorate these tree frame cards with any collage resources you have available, write your message/greeting inside and then simply glue to the card stand to create a beautiful festive keepsake.• Size: 200mm x 180mm• Pack of 30 cards

  • Standard Coloured Artstraws

    Coloured thin Artstraws ideal for all age groups to build models and make collages.• Colours - red, green, yellow and blue• 4mm diameter, pack of approx. 1800• Box contains an Art and Craft and a Design and Technology ideas booklet

  • Jumbo Coloured Artstraws

    • Coloured Jumbo Artstraws - red, green, yellow and blue• 6mm diameter, pack of approx 900• Box contains an Art and Craft and a Design and Technology ideas booklet

  • Giant Bauble Decorations

    page498A bumper pack of bauble shape cutouts with a set of collage resources to create and design decorations of your own. The pack provides plenty of scope for creativity and is ideal as a class activity as it is suitable for all ages and abilities.• Size: 200mm x 150mm to 280mm x 130mm•…

  • Folding Baubles & Collage Pack

    Large pre-cut bauble shapes and an assortment of collage resources for decoration make this pack a real time saving, ready-to-use favourite. Simply fold them down the centre and be amazed at the 3D transformation!• Size: ranges from 200mm x 150mm to 280mm x 130mm• Pack of 100

  • Multicultural Hands and Feet

    page470Investigating the meaning of a multicultural society, use as part of PSHE exercises or just colour and create with the collage resources included in this pack. 16 pre cut hands, 16 pre cut feet, paper ribbons, beads, jewels, glitter paper, ideas and instructions. • Feet: 180mm x…

  • Decorate Your Own Stocking

    page499Give your festive displays some of the WOW factor with these jumbo red stocking card blanks. Simply perfect to decorate with all your collage resources and then take home as a gift. • Size: 365mm x 285mm• Pack of 30• Cards only, collage material not included

  • Jumbo Festive Shapes

    page321Bumper pack of large pre-cut paper shapes for children to decorate with any collage and decorative resources you have available. A fantastic value pack with a variety of applications including tree decorations, friezes, display work and mobiles, cards crowns and calendars. • Assorted…