Craft Boards

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  • Greyboard

    Ideal for a range of art and craft applications and eco-friendly too as it has an FSC recycled content greater than 93%.• Size: 635mm x 760mm• Pack of 10 sheets

  • Modelling Boards

    An inexpensive, portable modelling surface. Age: 3 years+.• Pack of 10

  • Presentation Boards

    An assorted pack of trifold, corrugated display boards which are ideal for displaying table-top projects. • Colours: red, blue, green and yellow• Size: 1218mm x 914mm• Pack of 4

  • Canvas Boards

    This 100% cotton canvas has been double primed and applied to a sturdy backing board with acid free adhesive.• Medium grained and ready to use with oils and acrylics• Sold singly

  • Scratch Design Boards

    These multicolour boards with black coating have an easy-to-scratch surface. • Size: 1520mm(l) x 1270mm(w)• Pack of 100 boards

  • Splat! Display Boards

    • Contains 10 bumper shapes in assorted colours for you to make wonderful display boards and get your message noticed!• Size: 610mm x 400mm• Pack of 10

  • Wooden Weaving Boards

    Strong, chunky round wooden boards which are easy to hold and wrap for weaving and threading activities. Ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Fully illustrated instructions and ideas included.• Size: 170mm• Pack of 6

  • Star Display Boards

    A dynamic set of star shaped card boards to add style and interest to your classroom and general displays. Use them flat or cut apertures into them to create wonderful 3D effects too! Extremely versatile with pre-cut pointer strips and card squares/rectangles included for titles or information etc…

  • Boards 280mic Sra2 Pk50 Black

    Flexible board ideal for mounting and craft projects.• 210gsm• Colour: Black

  • Touch and Feel Animal Boards

    These boards have a wonderful tactile and sensory quality that children adore. The animal fur designs add further fascination and when children “stroke” them they have been seen to have a calming/soothing effect. Especially good for children with special needs.• Patterns: tiger, leopard,…

  • Colourmount Board

    These mounting and display boards are very thick and rigid. The top side is coloured with ivory coloured core. When a sheet is cut (with a mount cutter) at a 45° angle, a contrasting bevelled edge is created.• 1250 microns• Pack of 20 sheets

  • Slate Chalk Board

    Made from natural slate with a wooden frame these chalk boards can be used as an alternative "historical" implement to encourage children to write and draw.• Double sided; blank on one side and marked out in 10mm squares on the reverse• Size: 250mm x 260mm• Pack of 25

  • Bright Thin Board

    • 20 A3 sheets of Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue• Pack of 100

  • Metal Foil Board

    Medium thickness board, excellent stiffness with a shiny, reflective foil surface.• 350 micron, 255gsm• Colours: gold, silver, blue, green and red• Size: 504mm x 762mm • Pack of 5 sheets

  • Corrugated Board Rolls

    • Size: 500mm x 700mm rolls• Pack of 15 rolls: Brown, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, black, light blue, red, cerise, light green, grey, white, burgundy and lilac

  • Metallic Corrugated Board Rolls

    • Roll size: 50 x 70mm• 1 each of Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue and Cerise• Pack of 6

  • A4 Mixed Board Christmas Pk100

    …period. Wonderful for greetings cards, festive collages and decorations.Pack contains:• 20 x 350 micron foil boards; 4 each of silver, gold, red, green and blue• 80 x 230 micron boards; 20 each of black, emerald green, red and white• Size: A4 - 210mm x 297mm• Pack of 100 sheets

  • A4 Board 380mic Black Pk50 Recycled

    Black and white recycled card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making.

  • A4 Board 4 Sheet 280mic White Bx1000

    Thin, highly flexible board with matt finish. Easy to fold and cut with a superb smooth surface. Ideal for a variety of applications including art, craft and printing. High quality, produced by a leading European manufacturer.

  • A4 Board 380mic Black Pk50 Recycled

    Black and white recycled card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making. • Available in packs of 20, 50 and 100 sheets

  • A1+ Recycled Board 6sht 10 Asst Pk20

    • Semi-rigid board • 380 micron• Colours: 2 each of gold yellow, light green, purple, light blue, blue, green, light yellow, pink, cerise and black• Size: A1+ - 640mm x 900mm• Pack of 20 sheets