Correction Pen

  • Value Correction Pen

    page85Fast drying correction fluid in a squeezable pen.• Solvent based• Smooth finish• Will not chip, peel or crack• Fine metal tip for precision• 8ml• Sold singly

  • Pentel Micro Correct Pen

    page85Fine metal tip covers errors neatly and efficiently. Valve-controlled flow ensures smooth, even coverage.• Every last drop of fluid can be used• Long lasting value for money• Trichloroethane-free formula• Contains 12ml of fluid for great value• Sold singly

  • Tipp-Ex® Jumbo Correction Pen

    page85Tipp-Ex® Shake 'n Squeeze pen offers accurate and precise correction.• Ultra smooth metal needle point tip• Can be used on all types of paper and inks• 8ml of fast drying, ozone-friendly fluid• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Side Grip Correction Roller

    Fast and permanent correction for use on all types of ink and paper. Side grip allows you to clearly see and precisely correct the text.• Position tip at 45 degree angle over the area to be corrected• Tape size: 4.2mm(w) x 8m(l)• Sold singly

  • Ink Corrector Pen

    page88Ink eraser and corrector, a double ended pen which erases and corrects mistakes made with fountain pens.• Box of 12

  • Stabilo 'S Move Handwriting Pen

    • A unique design refillable pen• Special rubber grip help children to hold pen in the correct manner• Class Pack containing: 30 x right handed pens, 6 x Red left handed pens, 200 x Blue refill cartridges, 1 x Gratnells tray for storage

  • Porcelain Brush Pen

    Fibre pen with flexible brush nib for decorating porcelain, glazed ceramic and heat-resistant glass. Fine and broad strokes are possible. • Extremely lightfast, water-based pigment ink• Quick-drying and fully correctable prior to heat fixing• To fix, heat in a conventional oven at…

  • BIC® Kids Ballpoint Clic Pen

    page36 page87Retractable ballpoint pen ideal for children who are learning how to write. It has an ergonomic rubber grip designed for children's hands, featuring a visual guideline for correct finger positioning. Perfect to be used by both right and left handed writers.• Retractable nib cover•…

  • Berol Hand Hugger Writing Pen

    Large, chunky, triangular shaped pens designed to help children develop good writing skills. Encourages children to adopt a correct writing position from an early age.• The comfortable triangular barrel is perfect for small hands and those with special needs or learning difficulties• Ideal…

  • Whiteboard Eraser Large

    page112 page156Large whiteboard eraser which can be used to hold whiteboard pens.• Felt whiteboard eraser with moulded case• Size: 125mm(w) x 60mm(l) x 45mm(h)• Pens are not included - shown for illustration only• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Stabilo Fun Ergo Rollerball

    page87A stylish and ergonomically designed pen that continues to encourage the correct grip of older children.• Suitable for both left and right handed users• Roller ball pen with a tip width of 0.5mm• Non slip grip zone for easy control for neat and tidy handwriting• Pack of 5Please note 2017…

  • Show-me® Write & Check Mats

    …to learn. To check their answers, the child simply rubs the black block and… Hey Presto! The temperature sensitive ink fades to reveal the correct answer. Within a minute or so, the temperature decreases, turning the block opaque again. Ideal for the ‘Look, Cover, Write and Check’ curriculum…

  • Beetle Game

    page859The classic game of Beetle uses large, brightly coloured felt beetles rather than a pen and paper. Parts of the beetle are inserted into the beetle shaped frame when the correct number is rolled on a dice.Contains:• Rubber non-slip base.• 4 x felt beetles (each beetle 250mm x…

  • Copy Cat Dry Wipe Boards

    …practice forming letters in a correct and consistent manner. Printed sheets are covered in plastic which allow them to be used over and over again with dry wipe pens. The figures include directional arrows and numbered movement strokes to assist the child in forming a correct sequence of movements.…

  • BIC® Kids Mechanical Pencil

    …grip and a visual guide for correct finger positioning. With strong break-resistant graphite lead and suitable for both left and right handed writers, these mechanical pencils are perfect for students transitioning from standard graphite pencils to handwriting pens.• Ergonomic rubber grip with…

  • BrainBox Maths

    page901BrainBox is a fast and fun memory game that does not require any pens, pencils, paper, playing board or even a table! Each round takes 10 seconds so all players are involved. BrainBox is educational and is perfect for families and groups of friends to play, wherever they are, on a…