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  • Value Correction Fluid

    Quick drying correction fluid with a brush applicator.• 20ml bottles• Box of 10

  • Value Correction Roller

    Fast and permanent correction for use on all types of ink and paper.• Excellent mechanism with high quality tape• Tape size: 5mm(w) x 8m(l)• Sold singly

  • Tipp-Ex® Mini Pocket Mouse

    Tipp-Ex® Correction Tape offers immediate, precise and clean correction and can be written on immediately after application.• Small translucent body perfect for smaller hands• Mess free and easy to use • Tape size: 5mm(w) x 5m(l)• Pack of 10

  • Value Correction Pen

    Fast drying correction fluid in a squeezable pen.• Solvent based• Smooth finish• Will not chip, peel or crack• Fine metal tip for precision• 8ml• Sold singly

  • Tipp-Ex® Jumbo Correction Pen

    Tipp-Ex® Shake 'n Squeeze pen offers accurate and precise correction.• Ultra smooth metal needle point tip• Can be used on all types of paper and inks• 8ml of fast drying, ozone-friendly fluid• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Pentel Micro Correct Pen

    Fine metal tip covers errors neatly and efficiently. Valve-controlled flow ensures smooth, even coverage.• Every last drop of fluid can be used• Long lasting value for money• Trichloroethane-free formula• Contains 12ml of fluid for great value• Sold singly

  • Tipp-Ex® Pocket Mouse

    Tipp-Ex® Correction Tape offers instant correction and instant rewriting. Conveniently shaped side dispenser for extra comfortable correction and extra precision so you can easily see what you are correcting.• Fun, friendly and easy to use• No waiting, no fuss, no mess - just instant…

  • Tipp-Ex® Rapid

    Multi purpose white correction fluid with a quick-dry formula and wedge-shaped foam applicator.• Will not chip, peel or crack• More corrections per dip• 20ml bottle• Box of 10

  • Whiteboard Eraser Large

    Large whiteboard eraser which can be used to hold whiteboard pens.• Felt whiteboard eraser with moulded case• Size: 125mm(w) x 60mm(l) x 45mm(h)• Pens are not included - shown for illustration only• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Staedtler Noris Eraser

    A comfortable to use, quality eraser.• Latex free• Size: 65mm(w) x 23mm(d) x 13mm(h)• Pack of 20

  • The Consortium Coloured Pencil Eraser

    Coloured plastic pencil erasers.• Large Size: 62mm(w) x 20mm(d) x 11mm(h)• 5 colours; 4 each of orange, blue, green, yellow and pink• Non-marking• Pack of 20

  • Value Pencil Erasers

    Great value pencil erasers.• Size: 32mm(w) x 23mm(d) x 10mm(h)• Pack of 45 and pack of 450

  • Putty Rubber

    These kneadable putty rubbers can be moulded to a fine point for stippling charcoal or pastel drawings.• Box of 36 small rubbers

  • Texet Albert 2 Scientific Calculator

    Fraction scientific calculator with 10 digit display + 2 exponent, back space correction function. • 10 +2 digit display• Dual powered• Full function memory• Auto power off• Antibacterial protection• Colours may vary• Classpack of 10 calculators supplied in a…

  • Casio HR-150TEC Printing Calculator

    …range of functions including a tax calculator and profit calculation.• Features include: tax function, cost/sell/margin, mark up/down key, correction key and average key• 12-digit display• 2-colour printing (black/red)• Paper size: 58mm• Battery powered (4 x AA)• Mains…

  • All the 7 Days

    A charming puzzle to help children learn the days of the week and then place them in the correct order. Age: 4 years+.• 7 self-correcting 3 piece puzzles

  • Baby Simulator

    …coos and burps• Records abuse, panic and tampering• Includes standard control box, one set of user keys and teacher keys each, user response sheets, teacher correction template, nappy, 9V battery and instructions• Length- 510mm• Basic weight- 2.5kg• Clothes are not included

  • Baby Dolls

    Anatomically correct new born baby dolls. Age: 18 months+.• Length: 410mm• Single doll

  • Picture Sentence Matching - Letters and Sounds Series

    Allows children to further extend their reading skills by giving them practice in reading and understanding short texts which are fully decodable. • Each boxed set of 10 puzzle pairs are self correcting, with only the correct pieces fitting together

  • Cricket Stroke Bats

    • Ideal for teaching correct hitting technique• Suitable for use with tennis balls and soft rubber balls• Supplied singly

  • Learn to Count & Match Puzzle

    Learn to count by playing and matching the pictures to the correct numbers. Age: 3 years+.• Set of 30 pieces