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  • Metal Compass

    page866• Fitted bow top and fixed steel point• Available in packs of 10 or 20

  • Protractors

    Suitable for use in secondary schools.• Plastic with bevelled edges• Pack of 50

  • Geared Head Compass

    page866The geared head means that this plastic compass can easily be used with pencils, pens or felt tips and has a large, easy grip.• Self-centering mechanism• Patented safety point• Supplied with 90mm pencil• Pack of 25

  • Plotting Compasses

    page938 page1050These small plotting compasses can be used to plot lines of magnetic fields.• Metal case • Size: 16mm(dia.)• Pack of 10

  • Precision Drawing Compass Set

    page866Precision thumbwheel compass and technical compass.• 140mm extension arm• Maximum circle diameter- 230mm• 2mm replacement leads• Pen adaptor

  • Junior Compass

    page866A plastic compass designed for younger students that is strong, accurate and very easy to use.• Supplied with a 90mm black lead pencil• Pack of 10

  • School Compass

    Magnetic compass, 46mm head, with 1:25,000 metric and 1:63,360 imperial scales, red and black arrow with luminous point. • Metric rule• Large magnifying area• Neck cord• Size: 60mm(w) x 115mm(h)

  • School Compass Offer

    This fantastic compass is great for orienteering activities with its large magnifying area and arrow with luminous point.• 1:25,000 metric scale• 1:63,360 imperial scale• Includes neck cord• Dimensions: 60mm(w) x 115mm(l)

  • Angle Measure

    page865• Circular 360 degree protractor with unique rotating device to provide extra help when measuring angles• 100mm diameter with indicator arrow• Pack of 25

  • Value Exam Kit

    page864An exam-ready case of mathematical tools supplied ready for distribution or exam use in a transparent, exam-approved pencil case.• Contains: A compass, pencil, sharpener, eraser, 180° protractor and 30cm ruler

  • Technical Compass

    page866Quality metal compass, adjustable knees allow for precise, small diameter circles.• Compass length- 130mm• Maximum circle diameter- 230mm• 2mm replacement leads• Additional screw and nuts

  • Magnetic Compass with Magnifier

    page1050Magnetic compass with metric and imperial scales, large magnifying area and arrow with luminous point. • 46mm compass head• 1;25,000 metric scale• 1:63,360 imperial scale• Metric rule• Includes neck cord• Size: 60mm(w) x 115mm(h)

  • Board Equipment Box Set

    page865 page997A complete set of folding board equipment suitable for blackboard or whiteboard use.• Set includes 60° set square, metric/imperial rule, 45° set square and protractor combined and compass• Supplied in a sturdy carry/storage case

  • Oxford Exam Set

    page864This set comes in a clear PVC pencil case, ideal for exam use.• Contains: 2 black ballpoint pens, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener with an anti-tamper screw, and a combined protractor/set square• Supplied singly

  • Compass

    page1050Tough, plastic-cased compass marked with 4 compass points and full 360 degree scale around its edge.• Includes neck cord• Size: 45mm diameter• Pack of 10

  • Plotting Compasses

    These small plotting compasses can be used for many team building activities.• Metal case • Size: 16mm diameter• Pack of 10

  • Half Size Compass Pencils

    page371 page866These half size pencils have a natural, unpainted wood case and are ideal for use with compasses.• HB• Pack of 144

  • Early Years Compass

    page866Modern ‘chunky’ compass ideal for small hands.• Shortened safety point• Sold singly• Supplied singly

  • Matrix Maths Set

    …Maths Set featuring a stylish oval case with pearlescent indigo blue base.• Contains: self-centring geared head metal compass with safety point, 30cm folding ruler, eraser, one-hole plastic sharpener featuring anti-tamper screw, 2 set squares, protractor, 17.5cm and half size compass pencils

  • Cambridge Maths Set

    …which come neatly stored in a stylish metal tin.• Contains: 15cm ruler, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, dividers, self-centring compass with safety point, half size compass pencil, pencil sharpener with anti-tamper screw, and eraser• Contents may vary slightly

  • Geostrips

    Colourful flexible strips designed to fasten together with brass connectors to form a wide variety of geometric figures. Shows the relationship between rhombus and square, oblong and parallelogram. • Use to investigate triangles, areas and perimeters• 68 strips ranging from 75mm to 300mm…