• Peel and Stick Wiggly Eyes

    These peel and stick wiggly eyes are easy and fuss free as all you have to do is peel off from the backing and stick.• Contains: 48 eyes x 7mm dia., 28 eyes x 10mm dia., 26 eyes x 12mm dia., 23 eyes x 15mm dia.• Available in black or assorted colours• Pack of 125 eyes on 4 sheets

  • Value Pack Of Collage

    This bumper collage bundle contains lots of bright and colourful craft and collage items to inspire and create big classroom projects, including two types of feathers, chenille stems, wiggle eyes, buttons, sequins, shreds and pompoms.Pack contains:• 25 x coloured quill feathers 300mm(l), 50g…

  • Collage Craft Compendium

    A superb collection of collage materials in a handy Gratnells tray.• Pack contains: jewels, beads, coloured and plain matchsticks, coloured craft sticks, pom-poms 25mm dia., wiggly eyes 10mm dia., assorted corrugated shapes, assorted foam shapes, glitter, ribbons, polystyrene shapes, feathers…

  • Black and White Recycled Card

    Black and white recycled card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making.

  • Bright Feather Pack

    These brightly coloured feathers are ideal for use in collage, weaving projects and other creative work.• 50g pack

  • Acrylic Gemstones

    A great value pack of acrylic gemstones.• 450g bag of assorted shapes, colours and sizesSN006415

  • Collage Fabric Pack

    A superb selection of 36 fabric squares with exciting and glitzy surfaces and patterns. Perfect for collage and textile activities.• Contains 10 x foil fabric, 10 x sequin dot, 6 x metallic print, 10 x wet look

  • Vibrant Colours Glitter Pack

    • Great for general collage work, Easter, Mother's Day cards etc• 250g vibrant coloured glitter shakers in White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Black and Purple• Pack of 6

  • Christmas Felt Pack

    Bumper value pack of A4 felt especially selected for Christmas activities. • 8 sheets each of red, dark green, light green, yellow, black and white • 48 sheets

  • Craft Pom Poms

    Ideal for collage and model making.• Sizes: 25mm, 12mm and 6mm dia.• Assorted colours• 85g pack (200 approx.)

  • A4 White Card

    • White card suitable for a wide range of craft projects including collage and model making

  • Fleecy Fabric

    Non-fray, flame-retardant fabric. Ideal for basic primary projects, Design and Technology sessions and toy making.• Assorted colours• Size: 250mm x 1500mm• Pack of 8

  • Lace Assortment

    • Assorted designs• Pack of 50m approx.

  • Polyester Wadding

    A very versatile resource used for quilting, patchwork, collage and 3D work, padding frames etc.• Medium weight• Size: 910mm(w) x 1m(l)

  • Collage Pack

    Assorted collage materials including plastic granules, vinyl flakes, rayon fibres, coloured flints and coloured sand.• Assorted colours• Pack of 24• Not suitable for children under 3 years• Pack of 24

  • Collage Pack

    A great resource for the classroom, this pack includes a wide range of collage materials.Pack contains:• Assorted ribbons, lace, sequins, braid, fringe, pipe-cleaners, buttons, feathers, felt, lollipop sticks, 5 dolly pegs, 10 corks and bag of coloured matchsticks • Contents may vary

  • Collage Crowns

    An excellent festive activity that is quick and easy to decorate with the collage material included. Suitable for small children with adult supervision. Age: 3 years+.• Pre-cut crown bands in bright colours• Crown band size: 640mm(l)• Pack of 30

  • Collage String Pearls

    A pack of assorted gold, silver, white and cream strung pearls ideal for textile and collage projects.• Colours: gold, silver, white and cream • Pack of 6 x 1m

  • Folding Baubles & Collage

    Large pre-cut bauble shapes and an assortment of collage resources for decoration make this pack a real time saving, ready-to-use favourite. Simply fold them down the centre and be amazed at the 3D transformation!• Size: ranges from 200mm x 150mm to 280mm x 130mm• Pack of 100

  • Magnetic Creatures Collage Pack

    Children will have great fun creating with these magnetic shapes. The pack comes with 30 shapes and an exciting pack of collage resources for them to create, design and decorate with. Feathers, sequins, glitter paper, gems, paper shapes, felt and fabric pieces.• Size: 150mm x 180mm…

  • Sparkling Festive Collage Classpack

    All you need to add sparkle to your festive art projects. • Pack Contains: festive sequin shaker, classpack of mosaic shapes in assorted colours, metallic tinsel stems in assorted colours, fluffy snow, jar of glitter shavings in assorted colours, curling ribbon in assorted colours 20m, festive…