Clear Storage Boxes

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  • Value Crystal Storage Box and Lid

    • Stack and nest facility• Firm handles for comfortable hand grip• Snap fit lid included• Clear• 24ltr size: 430mm(w) x 330mm(d) x 250mm(h)• 35ltr size: 490mm(w) x 390mm(d) x 260mm(h)• 45ltr size: 600mm(w) x 4000mm(d) x 250mm(h)

  • Really Useful Boxes

    Multifunctional, strong storage boxes, complete with clip lock handles and lid for securing items. Perfectly stackable. Reinforced corners and bottom for increased strength. Some boxes come with integral lip for suspension files (015836/7 and 730151).• Constructed from polypropylene•…


    …per box!Buy a pack of 15 Really Useful Boxes in 9, 35 or 48 litres and save up to £50*Savings based on individual prices• 9 Litre size: 240mm(w) x 390mm(d) x 155mm(h)• 35 Litre size: 385mm(w) x 485mm(d) x 310mm(h)• 48 Litre size: 610mm(w) x 402mm(d) x 315mm(h)• Supplied in clear

  • Really Useful Box 64l Clear

    • Constructed from polypropylene• Available in clear and blue - whilst stocks last• Size: 435mm(w) x 715mm(d) x 300mm(h)• Snap fit lid included

  • Really Useful Boxes 6x48

    storage range has been designed to hold the popular Really Useful Boxes. These extra strong and perfectly stackable clear boxes with clip on lids are perfect to store all sorts of stuff, from small items of stationery up to lever arch folders. Storage units can be bought with or without the boxes.

  • Really Useful Box 19l Clear

    Perfect for storing A4 suspension files and general storage.• Size: 395mm(w) x 255mm(d) x 290mm(h)• Clear

  • Really Useful Box 84l Clear

    • Constructed from polypropylene• Available in clear and blue - whilst stocks last• Size: 435mm(w) x 715mm(d) x 380mm(h)• Snap fit lid included

  • Really Useful Box 48l Clear

    Ideal size for storing lever arch and A4 files. • Clear• Size: 610mm(w) x 402mm(d) x 315mm(h)

  • Really Useful Box 11l & Tray Clear

    • Size: 456mm(w) x 356mm(d) x 120mm(h)• 1 x 11L Really Useful Box (with lid)• 1 x large divider tray

  • Bottom Storage Bench

    Storage bench takes 3 clear tubs (sold separately).• Bottom storage can be used with or without trays• Perfect for storing shoes, bags, lunch boxes etc.• Delivered fully assembled• Size: 1045mm(w) x 400mm(d) x 485mm(h)

  • Organiser Box 29cm Violet/clear

    Handy organiser boxes come complete of extractable tray as shown, perfect for storage of craft, stationery material and DIY.• Sold singly

  • Big Box Writing Kit

    Great for the department or office, a big box of value combining items from our Value and The Consortium range of writing products. All stored in a clear polypropylene box, ideal for easy access and convenience.Kit includes:• 100 x Value black drywipe pens • 200 x Value black handwriting…

  • Tc Green Bpoints Box Kit Pk100

    …and self assessment. Includes a clear polypropylene box for easy classroom access and storage.• Medium point 1.0mm nib with a line width of 0.7mm• Single colour packs of 100 in green and purple• Assorted pack of 100; 50 each of green and purple• Storage box size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)•…

  • Eq Bullet Tip Wboard Marker Pk50 Box

    Premium quality bullet tip whiteboard marker with an easy to grip barrel. Includes a clear polypropylene box for easy access and storage. • Triangular shape easy to grip barrel• Medium 2mm bullet tip• Black• Pack of 50• Size: 355mm(w) x 100mm(d) x 70mm(h)• Sold as set

  • Eq Bullet Tip Marker Box Pk 36

    Premium quality bullet tip whiteboard marker, available with a clear polypropylene box for easy access and storage.• High ink content for longer write out length• Medium 2mm bullet tip• Black• Pack of 36• Size: 240mm(w) x 130mm(d) x 125mm(h)• Sold as set

  • 2 Ltr Square Food Box

    Easy clean, robust storage containers that are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.• Clear containers with white lids• Sold singly

  • Value Whiteboard Classbox Kit

    …combines a class set of plain double-sided whiteboards, and all the necessary accessories all in a compact clear polypropylene box. Great for easy classroom use, access and storage of resources.Kit includes:• 30 x Value plain double-sided mini whiteboards• 30 x Value drywipe erasers…

  • Value A4 Superlight Classbox Whiteboard Kit

    …superlight A4 whiteboard kit, containing the superlight whiteboards, whiteboard pens and erasers all with a compact clear polypropylene box. Great for easy classroom use, access and storage. Hardwearing, robust, water resistant and ideal for outdoors use.Kit includes:• 30 x Value superlight A4…

  • Value Student Writing Classbox

    Ideal for the classroom, a classbox of writing items in a clear polypropylene box which can be put out on the table for lessons and easily checked and accounted for. Great for easy classroom use and storage.Classbox includes:• 36 x Value HB pencils• 45 x Value pencil erasers• 6 x 3…

  • Ocarinas

    …holes are within easy reach of the smallest fingers. Play a full chromatic octave (D to D) on the simplest 4-hole Oc, with a clear sound and no squeaks. • Single ocarina - colours may vary• Pack of 12 assorted colours - includes 12 "Play Your Ocarina" books, teaching notes and storage box

  • The Consortium Teacher Whiteboard Classbox

    …containing drywipe pens, a cleaning kit and a whiteboard eraser, all in a compact, clear polypropylene box. Great for teaching staff where time tabling is not in one location or for providing easy access and storage.• Assorted colours set of 4, The Consortium Bullet Tip DryWipe markers. Colours…