Childrens Scissors

  • Childrens Scissors Pk96 Asstd

    …handles colour coded to identify left and right handed scissors.• 130mm long/60mm blade• 50mm rule marking on blade• Right-handed: red handles• Left-handed: green/yellow handles• Pack of 12 and pack of 96• Pack of 96 contains 84 right handed and 12 left handed scissors

  • School Training Safety Scissors

    page136Ideal scissors for training children how to use scissors safely. Double ringed to accommodate two hands enabling the adult to control the cutting. Age: 3 years+.• Double ring, plastic handle• Size: 130mm long / 60mm blade• Sold singly

  • Equality Scissors Childrens Each

    page119 page137 page467 Premium quality plastic handled scissors with rubber inserts for greater comfort.• 160mm (6 1/2 ") long plastic handled scissors• 75mm (3") stainless steel blades• Sold singly and now available in packs of 20

  • Crazy Cut Scissors

    page137 page467Fun children's safety scissors - cut wavy, zigzag and lots more. Age: 5 years+.• 6 different cut styles• Colour coded for easier selection• 150mm long/60mm blade• Available in pack of 6 without carousel and pack of 12 with carousel

  • Dough Scissors

    page466These modelling scissors are especially designed for use by children and are perfect for modelling activities. Age: 3 years+.• Feature easy to grip handles, ideal for young children• Suitable for use with all types of modelling dough• Size: 125mm(l) x 60mm(w) approx.• Pack…

  • Childrens Scissor Plastic Pk12

    page136Made entirely of plastic, will cut paper but not clothing, hair or skin. Age: 3 years+.• Safe and easy to clean• Pack of 12

  • Handy Scoopers™

    …Resources Handy Scoopers! These scissor style scoopers are great for use in sand pit or water trays as they feature holes in their scoops so children can see the water escape. The easy-grip handles promote firm control and encourage children to practice scissor control. Colourful scoopers are ideal…

  • Cushion Grip Craft Knife

    page984Precision craft knife with softgrip cushioned handle for comfort, ideal for all crafting activities.• WARNING: Unsuitable for use by junior children • Includes 5 spare blades• Sold singly

  • Hobby/Design Knife

    page984Aluminium hobby knife, ideal for precision cutting of lightweight materials.• WARNING: Unsuitable for use by junior children • Sold singly• Spare blades available separately

  • Disposable Craft Knife

    page984Disposable craft knives are ideal for making fine angle cuts as well as carving, etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming.• WARNING: Unsuitable for use by junior children • Pack of 10