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  • Chess & Draughts

    Classic strategy games. • Board size: 350mm x 360mm• Chess comes with a board and black and white chess pieces• Draughts comes with a board and wooden playing pieces• Spare boards, chess and draughts pieces also available separately

  • Giant Chess

    Ultra hard-wearing chess pieces that can be played inside and outside.• Piece heights: King (640mm), Queen (580mm), Bishop (560mm), Knight (480mm), Castle (430mm), Pawn (430mm)• Set of 32• Mat size: 3000mm(w) x 3000mm(l)• Mat sold separately

  • Chess Star Medal

    A superb range of star medals that can be used for chess events.• 60mm diameter• Available in: gold, silver and bronze• Tri-colour ribbon can be purchased seperately

  • Chess Medal Gold

    A superb range of star medals that can be used at a variety of sport and activity events.• Gold• Size: 60mm diameter• Tri-colour or team colour ribbons can be purchased separately

  • Giant Chess/draughts Mat

    • Can be used for both chess and draughts• Quick and easy to set up and put away• Size: 3 x 3m

  • Giant Chess/draughts Mat

    • Ultra hard-wearing draught pieces• Centre rods are included for ease of moving and joining two draughts to make kings• 250mm diameter• Mat sold separately

  • Activity Tbl Adlt Chess&draughts

    • Size: 1500mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 780mm(h)• Seat height: 460mm• Choice of 12 different activity tops• Supplied in black

  • Activity Tbl Adlt Chess&draughts

    • Available in both junior and adult sizes• Size of junior table: 1140mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 670mm(h) - Seat height 400mm • Size of adult table: 1500mm(w) x 600mm(d) x 780mm(h) - Seat height 460mm• Choice of 12 activity tops • Supplied in black only- Multi-coloured tables…

  • Marmax Teeny Tots Table

    • Delivered fully assembled• Weight: 20kg• Size: 545mm(w) x 545mm(d) x 457mm(h) • Gameboard provided please specify what option amongst the following is requested: Chess, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Connect4, Noughts & Crosses, Colouring In, Colouring In Zoo, Colouring In Farm.