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  • Jumbo Playground Chalk

    page381 page801Large round sticks of chalk, great for drawing or colouring large areas. Use outdoors or indoors on rough paper, chalkboards, paper bags or playgrounds. Age: 3 years+.• Size: 25mm(dia.) x 100mm(l)

  • Value Chalk

    page381Available in a box of white and a box of assorted colours.• Pack of 100

  • Chunki Chalks

    page381Hard to break colour sticks for beginners. Age: 3 years+.• Colours: purple, pink, red, orange, blue, green, yellow and white

  • Chalk and Crayon Classpack

    page381A money saving mixed pack of original chubbi stumps and chunki chalks.• Assorted colours• Pack of 288, 144 of each type

  • Greyhound Soft Pastels

    page377Reeves Greyhound Soft Pastels are traditional round-shaped chalk pastels. They are strong and pure in colour and can be blended into one another to produce infinite shades and tint.• Blendable, strong, pure colours• Pack of 60• Pack of 60

  • Fun Chalk

    Large round sticks of chalk, great for drawing or colouring large areas. Use outdoors or indoors on rough paper, chalkboards, paper bags or playgrounds. Age: 3 years+.• Erases easily with water• Tub of 20 assorted colours

  • Chalkboards

    page1478Matt black, non-reflective, non-magnetic surface for use with chalk. Single sided, satin silver anodised aluminium frame with concealed corner fixings.• Surface guaranteed for 5 years• Chalk ledge (300mm) and fixings included

  • Egg Shape Fun Chalk

    page381 page801• Large, round sticks of chalk, great for drawing or colouring large areas• Use indoors or outdoors on rough paper, chalkboards, paper bags or playgrounds• Age: 3 years+• Pack of 6

  • Plastic Crayons - Classpack

    Long life shatter resistant crayon. Sharpens like a pencil.• 115mm long• Super value, supplied in a sturdy cardboard storage box• 12 assorted colours• Box of 300

  • White Playground Chalk

    • A tub of 52 pieces of Jumbo White Chalk• 25mm (dia) x 100mm(l)

  • Large Multi Chalk Single

    page380 page414 page801 These Palm Crayons and Chalks are fantastic for creating large scale patterns. The chalks are great for outdoor art as they can be used on paths and the playground. • The Palm Chalks holds 4 chalks/crayons • Dome size: 60mm(h) x 145mm(dia.)• Flat base•…

  • Slate Chalk Board

    page381Made from natural slate with a wooden frame these chalk boards can be used as an alternative "historical" implement to encourage children to write and draw.• Double sided; blank on one side and marked out in 10mm squares on the reverse• Size: 250mm x 260mm• Pack of 25

  • Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

    page381 page801Create big outdoor art with the sidewalk chalk in bright, bold Crayola crayon colours. The Anti-Roll shape keeps sticks handy without rolling away and produces fine lines or broad strokes that simply wash away with water.• Assorted Crayola crayon colours, including a diverse…

  • Trudy Chalk Boards

    page623• Available in 4 sizes: • 390mm(w) x 390mm(d)• 790mm(w) x 390mm(d) • 790mm(w) x 90mm(d) • 1090mm(w) x 90mm(d)

  • Slate Chalk Board

    page1059These are a great alternative "historical" implement to write and draw on. Double-sided natural slate surface, blank one side and 1cm squares on the reverse, with a wooden frame.• Size: 260mm(w) x 250mm(l)• Pack of 25

  • Paper Draw/chalk A2 Astd 250sh

    page327Good value for money, heavy quality sugar paper.

  • Trudy Chalk Board Speech Bubble

    • Available in two sizes: 400mm(w) x 200mm(d) and 300mm(w) x 150mm(d)

  • Edding Chalk Marker Pk4 Asstd

    page1478Pack of 4 assorted pens.• Supplied 1 of each black, red, blue and green• Item not pictured

  • Trudy Play Pnl Chalk Brd 390x390

    A range of play panels and accessories to form your own play areas.• Item 8 must be purchased to be able to use items 10-17

  • Trudy Play Pnl Chalk Brd 390x390

    These accessories allow you to create your own safe play environment for your children. From curtains to coat hangers and chalkboards to coloured shelves, anything goes in a childs imagination.

  • Giotto Be-Be Large Wax Crayons.

    Strong, jumbo crayons for very young children. Age: 2 years+• Washable and dermatologically tested • Set includes 2 pencil sharpeners for maintaining tips • Supplied as a pack of 40 in 8 colours (5 of each colour)