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  • Aluminium Foil Cutterbox

    Aluminium foil that comes in a tamper-proof, robust carton to prevent contamination and ensure ease of dispensing.• Available in three widths• 90m length

  • Wrapmaster 4500 Foil Refills

    • Refills to fit the Wrapmaster 4500 • Foil: 450mm(w) x 90m(l)• 3 rolls per box

  • Foil Containers

    Foil containers for storing hot and cold food.• Available in 2 pack sizes• Lids sold separately

  • Emergency Foil Survival Blanket

    Made from an ultra-efficient insulating material, both sides have metallic heat reflecting surfaces to help prevent and treat against the effects of hypothermia.• Ideal for use in emergency evacuation situations• Size: 2150mm(w) x 1500mm(h)• Sold singlySN028975

  • Baco Std Foil 300mm X 60m

    The EasyCut Disposable Dispenser reduces waste by 30% and ensures the safe, hygienic dispensing of cling film or foil without fuss.

  • BSI Compliant First Aid Kit in Bum Bag

    …bandage, 6 x Safety pins, 1 x Eye dressing, 20 x Washproof plasters, 4 x Sterile wipes, 1 x Microporous tape, 1 x Nitrile gloves (pair), 1 x Face shield, 1 x Foil blanket, 1 x 100mm x 100mm Burns dressing, 1 x Clothing cutters, 1 x Conforming bandage, 1 x Sterile eyewash (250ml) and Guidance leaflet

  • Burns First Aid Kit

    …burns plasters- large, 2 x burns plasters- small, 1 x conforming bandage 5cm x 4cm, 1 x conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4cm, 2 x 20ml eye washpods, 1 x foil blanket, 1 x gloves (pair), 1 x guidance leaflet, 1 x microporous tape 2.5cm x 5m, 1 x pair of universal shears• Box size: 270mm(w) x 200mm(d)…

  • Pre-School First Aid Kit

    …20 x sterile wipes, 1 x microporous tape (2.5cm x 5m), 1 x conforming bandage (7.5cm) 6 x nitrile glove (pair), 2 x finger dressings, 2 x face shield, 1 x foil blanket, 1 burn dressing (100mm x 100mm), 1 x clothing cutters, 5 x gauze swabs, 1 x tubular bandage (size 01), 5 x low adherent dressings

  • Wrapmaster 4500 Dispenser & Refills

    Foil, cling film, parchment paper and roasting film can be effectively dispensed by the Wrapmaster 4500. However, we do not recommend using the same dispenser for different consumables.• Free-standing or wall-mountable dispenser (supplied empty)• Dishwasher safe• Dispenser Size: 415mm(w) x 170mm(d)…