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  • Stretch Canvas

    page400Our rectangular canvases are available in four sizes, and are primed and stretched over a wooden frame ready for painting. The two larger sizes come complete with wedges to further stretch the frame if necessary. The largest size features a centre brace across the frame to increase rigidity.…

  • Canvas Boards

    page400This 100% cotton canvas has been double primed and applied to a sturdy backing board with acid free adhesive.• Medium grained and ready to use with oils and acrylics• Sold singly

  • Canvas Frames

    Create your own masterpiece with these easy to assemble canvas frames.• 100% recyclable• A4 or A5 packs• Pack of 30

  • Marabu Magnetic Paint

    page390Once completely dry (about 24 hours), it becomes a magnetic surface. Ideal for application on wood, MDF, metal, board, canvas, glass, ceramic and polystyrene. Ideal for overpainting with Blackboard paint to create a magnetic chalkboard.• Waterbased • Colour: grey• 225ml…

  • Extra Large Canvas

    page400Extra large primed and stretched cotton canvas on a wooden frame. Ideal for both oil and acrylic paints.• Size: 700mm x 1000mm

  • Radial Easel

    …for studio and college use. Strongly constructed from seasoned Beechwood, it can accommodate canvases up to 182cm (711/2") in height and can be tilted for the ideal working position. The canvas rests on a shelf (which can be moved up to maximum height of 1500mm and down to a minimum height…

  • Table Easel

    page425This strongly built Beechwood easel is of H frame construction and features a tilting facility to create the ideal working angle.• Max. canvas height: 570mm • Size: 280mm(w) x 330mm(d) x 570mm(h)• Folded size: 860mm(w) x 280mm(d) x 90mm(h) • Weight: 1.1kg

  • Black Canvas

    page400Cotton canvas primed and stretched over a wooden frame. The black canvas provides a striking background for colourful images and is also ideal for night-time and space themed paintings as well as 3D/collage projects. The size means the canvases are useful for younger artists and smaller…

  • Plastic Canvas Shapes

    Assorted shapes in 7 count plastic canvas, including squares, circles and butterflies.• Pack of 20

  • Plastic Canvas Sheets

    page443• Size: 350mm x 270mm• 10 sheets - 7 mesh

  • Reeves Oil Pastels

    page375Great value, quality oil pastels in strong vibrant colours.• Suitable for use on paper, card and canvas

  • Stall Clips

    page1649Versatile spring clamps for securing canvas, tarpaulin and general covers. Robust steel frame fitted with a heavy duty spring. • Jaws open to 70mm• Pack of 4

  • First-Play® Jumping Sacks

    page1123 page1164• Heavy duty canvas sacks with grab handles are the ideal addition for sports days• Develop childrens balance and movement skills• Supplied singly

  • Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paint Selection

    …oil offer brilliant colours, optimal pigment loads. Fully intermixable with a smooth and buttery consistency they are ideal for experimenting with different brush and knife techniques. Can be used on oil painting paper, canvas and canvas boards.• Assorted colours• Pack of 10 x 38ml tubes

  • Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints

    …England, Georgian oil offer brilliant colours, optimal pigment loads. Fully intermixable with a smooth and buttery consistency they are ideal for experimenting with different brush and knife techniques. Can be used on oil painting paper, canvas and canvas boards.• 225ml tubes• Sold singly

  • Sketching Easel

    …sketching. Canvases or boards can be secured upright or tilted to any required angle, including horizontal for water colour sketching. This easel can accommodate a canvas up to a maximum height of 670mm (261/2") and has telescopic legs that adjust for best working position.• Max. canvas height:…

  • Wooden Skittles Set

    These hardwood skittles test your accuracy to the limit. Try to knock all the pins down in one.Contains:• 9 x 230mm wooden skittles• 3 x 80mm regulation balls• Full rules and instructions• Canvas bag for storage and easy carrying

  • Marabu Blackboard Paint

    page390Once dry, can be written on with chalk and washed off with water. Suitable for use on wood, MDF, metal, board, canvas, ceramic and polystyrene.• Waterbased• Colour: black• 225ml tub• Sold singly

  • Genee Cube Share Software

    …web link and they can participate via any web browser or through an app on a mobile device. All logged in participants can then view the same canvas, share documents/images and then collaborate using the software’s annotation tools and the built-in chat facility. • Cloud-based sharing…

  • Latex Adhesive

    page350A strong, versatile adhesive which is ideal for bonding all materials including paper card, wood, plastics, metal and cork. Due to its flexibility when dry it is particularly good on fabrics, carpet, leather and canvas• Free from Wheat, Gluten and Soya• 125ml

  • Mitre® Grid Training Rugby Balls

    …value, full specification training ball suitable for all levels of the game. With deep pimple emboss for lasting all-weather grip. Strong 2-ply canvas lining provides shape and size retention making the Grid the best value training ball available.• Available in sizes 4 and 5• Sold singly