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  • Pocket Env C4 Man 80gsm S/sl Bx250

    A variety of our most popular envelopes.

  • White Envelopes C4

    High quality bright white envelopes made from sustainable forest resources. Available in a range of envelope sizes, weights and pack sizes, including a pack of 50. Window envelopes are also offered.• Bright white paper• Envelopes with window, dimensions: 45mm x 105mm - 213mm up, 24mm from…

  • Prpocket Envp&s Wh C4 Pk250

    A premium range of envelopes ideal for sending school prospectuses, results and important office documents. • 'Powerseal' peel and seal• 5 year shelf life • 120gsm• FSC certified product • Suitable for digital and laser printing

  • Pocket Env C4 Man 80gsm S/sl Bx250

    These envelopes are made from sustainable forest sources and cover the bulk of everyday white envelope needs.Great offers on the most popular white and manilla envelopes!• With the exception of E013884 all are Non Window• E013884 window dimensions: 35mm x 90mm - 18mm up, 19mm from left

  • Gusset Env C4 Man 130gsm Pl&sl Bx125

    A selection of gusset envelopes made from premium manilla and bright white cartridge paper. The hot melt peel and seal adhesive ensures an extended 5 year shelf life and tamper proof security.• Attractive blue hatch opaque on all white envelopes• Manilla envelopes use a minimum of 70% post…

  • Recycled Pocket C4 Wht S/sl 100g 250

    These envelopes are perfect for those who have a genuine care for the environment and want to show their customers a high level of social environmental responsibility. • Made from Evolve 100% white recycled paper from 100% recovered waste• Attractive blue opaque sporting the recycled logo…