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  • Poster Paper 760mm X 10m - Dark Blue

    page298 page303A great value display solution! This economical poster paper lifts every display and can transform dull rooms and walls.• Assorted colour pack contains: red, yellow, bright blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange, brown, black and purple• 80gsm• Size: 760mm(w)…

  • Poster Roll 760mm X 10m Sky Blue

    A superb range of colours with high quality coated surface and excellent non fade properties. Use for those eye catching wall posters, backgrounds and displays where exciting vivid colours are required. Easy to cut and fold.• 85gsm• Size: 760mm x 10m roll

  • Super Stage Paper, Sky Blue

    A heavyweight 180gsm super size backdrop paper which is a perfect solution for large scale art projects, production backgrounds, or as a backdrop for school photographs. All rolls are wound onto a 50mm cardboard core, and are delivered in a sturdy box. • 1.35m x 11m Roll

  • Cool Blue Display Pack

    …winter or under the seal displays with this range of cool colours.• Assorted colours: bright blue, azure blue, royal blue and sky blue • Size display paper rolls: 1218mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Size border rolls: 57mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Pack of 4 display paper rolls and 12 border rolls

  • Bi-Colour Display Paper - Wide

    page306This Bi-Colour Roll is ideal for festive display. The paper is separated by a gently undulating ‘horizon’.• White and Royal Blue• Size: 1218mm(w) x 15m(l) roll• Sold singly

  • Metallic Paper Rolls

    page335These metallic rolls are coloured on one side and are ideal for crafts, decoration, displays and collage. • Contains: 2 each of gold, silver, red, green and blue• 60gsm• Size: 500mm(w) x 1.5m(l)• Pack of 10 rolls

  • Fluted Scal Brdr 50m Rl Azure Blue

    …which makes stapling look neater and helps with overlapping. The extra width (75mm at its widest point) makes it ideal for filling the space where a backing roll isn't wide enough. Can be combined with the embossed Edging rolls for a double border effect.• Size: 72mm(w) x 50m(l) roll• Sold…

  • Fadeless Roll Royal Blue 1218mmx5m

    page305Developed to combat the effects of year long sunshine, this fade resistant art paper keeps your display looking bright and fresh for months. Please be aware that colour swatches are for guidance only.• Will not crack when creased • Accepts most art media with ease • Extra wide…

  • Metal Foil Paper 508mmx5m Blue Each

    Shiny, reflective foil with white backing paper.• Strong 100gsm• Assorted colour pack: silver, gold, red, blue, green and copper• Roll size: 500mm(w) x 4.5m(l)

  • Fadeless Display Paper Combo Stockroom Assortment

    A handy display paper assortment of the most popular colours and designs.• Contains: 2 rolls each of the 6 most popular solid colours (flame red, canary yellow, apple green, royal blue, black, violet), 2 rolls each of the 6 most popular designs (clouds, night sky, under the sea, TuTone brick,…

  • Ella Bella Display Paper Stockroom Assortment

    …of striking display paper rolls all housed in a handy storage box. •Contains: 2 x Vintage Wood, 2 x Whitewashed Wood, 2 x Rustic Wood, 2 x Classic Damask, 2 x Soft Pink Dots, 2 x Baby Blue Dots, 2 x Multi-Coloured Dots, 2x Hopscotch Circles, 2 x Bokeh Gold, 2 x Bokeh Blue, 2 x Aged Red Brick, 2…

  • Display Rolls

    • Size: 1.36 x 11m rolls• Cool white Rolls: 2 Arctic White and 2 Polar White• Greyscale Rolls: 1 Black, 1 Seal Grey, 1 Smoke Grey, 1 Cloud Grey• Warm tones Rolls: 1 Sulphur, 1 Cherry, 1 Hazelnut, 1 Copper• Cool tones Rolls: 1 Crocus, 1 Chroma Blue, 1 Chroma Green, 1 Oyster

  • Pastel Poster Paper Assortment

    page308• Assorted colours: 3 each of cream and pastel blue, 2 each of pastel green pastel pink• Size: 760mm(w) x 10m(l) roll• Pack of 10 rolls

  • The Consortium Extra Wide Poster Paper Rolls

    page304• Size: 1020mm x 10m rolls, coloured one side only• Assorted colours: Black, Scarlet, Leaf Green, Ultra Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Lemon and Purple• Pack of 8

  • Metallic Crepe Paper

    page339Great for all festive crafts, displays or modelling.• Each roll measures: 500mm x 2.5m• Attractive variation on normal paper • 5 superb colours: red, green, blue, gold and silver• Pack of 5 rolls

  • Ella Fadeless Designs Blue Dots

    page308Great for backgrounds and displays a superb new range of printed background paper rolls, featuring a selection of sophisticated, muted designs.• Made with fade-resistant ink for long lasting displays• Acid free and recyclable• Size: 1218mm(w) x 3.6m(l) roll• Sold singly

  • The Consortium Poster Paper Border Rolls

    …coloured for extra decorative effects.• Deep colour pack: 1 each of lemon, leaf green, ultramarine blue, fire orange, scarlet and black• Metallic pack: 2 each of gold and silver• Pastel colour pack: 1 each of sky blue, pale green, lilac and peppermint• Size: 48mm(w) x 50m(l) roll

  • The Consortium Bright Frieze Paper

    page326Similar to sugar paper, these bright coloured frieze rolls are ideal for use as mounting paper.• 100% recycled• 80gsm • Assorted colours: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, black• Size: 508mm(w) x 10m(l)• Pack of 6 rolls• Colours may vary

  • Consortium Sketchbook A4 Blue 46lf

    page344• Offering good quality and value• Hard backed book • A4, 210mm x 297mm • 140gsm, acid-free cartridge paper • 46 leaves

  • Bi-Colour Vivid Display Rolls

    page306There are two different colours on each roll, separated by a gently undulating 'horizon' creating a unique template for inspirational displays.• Assorted pack of: rich blue/emerald, flame red/canary yellow, royal blue/white and sky blue/canary yellow• Size: 1218mm(w) x 3.6m(l)…

  • Art Kraft® Bright Paper - Extra Wide

    page307Extra wide paper rolls featuring a unique double sided finish, smooth on one side and rough on the reverse. The two distinctly different surfaces allow a variety of uses, e.g. the smooth side is ideal for colouring pens and finger paints, and the rough surface is suitable for watercolours,…